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13 Dec

Thursday Ride – Woodend -13th December 2018

2 riders arrived in Woodend this morning for today’s ride. Weather conditions were cloudy with the threat of rain. After checking the weather radar it showed a band of rain had passed through with another band of rain to follow.

We rode a modified 32km version of the normal Thursday ride with a close eye on the weather. On arrival in Newham we could see some very black clouds in the direction of Carlshrue. We decided to turn back at that point and rode Anderson Rd, Russells Rd,Crows Rd back to Woodend. As we neared the top of Crows Rd it started to rain lightly and with the downhill part into Woodend we were back at the car by the time the rain got heavy.

It was then into the cafe for a chat and refreshments before heading home.

10 Dec

Ride News

Sunday Ride – Gisborne – 9th December 2018

Ride report compiled by Dave as I was in Bright climbing mountains

On this misty Sunday morning 8 hardy souls arrived at New Gisborne with bikes.

One insisted on riding the long ride, and it was only with vigorous persuasion that she joined the others on the medium ride. ( Is that good, Kath?)

The conditions were mild and the atmosphere made for a very enjoyable ride.

A really strange thing happened as we rode down Baringo road towards Hamilton Road. The steering on all 8 bikes locked in centre position. Given this problem, we thought it best just to ride straight ahead to the coffee shop. The problem just disappeared after we had coffee. Amazing!

Good ride, good banter, good coffee. What more could we want. Not jealous of the Bright group at all.



09 Dec

Ride News

Bright Trip – Sunday – 9th December 2018

11 riders rode from Bright to Harrietville and back, a distance of 50km and 5 riders climbed Falls Creek from Mt Beauty, a distance of 62km. Ride conditions on both rides were wet early and sunshine and drying roads by the end of the rides.

On the mount it was dry early, changing to heavier rain 10 to 15km from the top and when I reached the top the sun was starting to break through the clouds. On the descent the roads had dried after the first 5km, the sun then shone and it was quite warm as we completed the descent.


09 Dec

Ride News

Bright Trip – Saturday – 8th December 2018

There were multiple rides in various directions with distances between 125km, 85km, 76km and approx 50km.

11 riders rode in opposite directions and met up for lunch at the Dederang Cafe. They were the 125km and 85km groups. Another group of 7 rode from Everton to Beechworth and return with some coming back a different way. 2 riders rode 76km from Bright to Harrietville and back with a detour to the top of Tawonga Gap then back to Bright.

As per usual there were plenty of stories to share over the evening meal in Bright.

07 Dec

Bright Trip

Friday 7th December 2018

2 riders rode the short ride from Myrtleford to Lake Buffalo and back with a 7.30am start to avoid the forecast of a warm day. A distance of 40km

19 riders rode the climb up Mt Buffalo with 6 riding from Porepunkah and the remaining 13 (Bakers Dozen) rode from the Caravan Park in Bright. Both rides had a 7.30 am start to beat the heat. All climbers completed the climb up Mt Buffalo and  were together at the top before starting back down. One other rider also climbed the Mount later in the morning after arriving late. Riders were down off the mount before the temperature got very hot. It was very pleasant up the top but it soon began to warm up on the way down. Both the Mt Buffalo and the Lake Buffalo rides had been completed before 12.00 noon. Ride distance was 69km from Bright and 56 km from Porepunkah.


07 Dec

Bright Trip

Thursday Ride – 7th December 2018

10 riders left the caravan park at 3.30pm to ride to the end of  Buckland Valley and back from Bright. The ride distance was 40km return ride. Temperature at the start of the ride was in the low 30’s with a light breeze in both direction and so the ride conditions were good.

After riding to the end of the road where the road changes to gravel we had a rest in the shade before riding back to Bright.

A good warm up for the following day.

02 Dec

Ride News

Sunday Ride – Woodend – 2nd December 2018

24 riders assembled in Woodend this morning for today’s ride. Weather conditions were sunny with a cold South Westerly wind blowing. While we had a head wind for a lot of the ride we finished along Ashbourne Road with a tail wind back to Woodend.

5 riders rode the longer ride, 9 rode a shortened version of the longer ride, 7 rode the medium ride. 3 rode the shorter ride. We also had 1 first time rider with us this morning.

One unnamed member was very particular about putting his cycling cap on when leaving home to ride to Woodend. On arrival at Woodend members noted no helmet was being worn (Whoops).

All riders were together at the cafe and the usual refreshments and chatter were enjoyed before we all headed home.

29 Nov

Thursday Ride – Woodend – 29th November 2018

4 riders arrived in Woodend this morning for today’s ride. Weather conditions were cloudy with drizzly rain and cool. Once we commenced riding and were heading down Bryces Lane the roads were completely dry with no sign of rain. We rode for most of the ride in sunshine until we were approaching Woodend on the return, we then rode into similar conditions to what we had at the start of the ride.

I unfortunately had a puncture on the way down Bryces Lane after hitting a fair size rock on the road with fogged up glasses and remnants of rain on the lenses. After replacing the tube and rejoining the rest of the ride we all continued on our merry way.

We rode out normal 53km loop out to Newham via Bryces Lane, then to Chases Lane and back at Batters Lane. We had a tail wind for the way out and unfortunately a head back from Batters Lane.

Once back at the cafe it was into the warmth for the usual refreshments and chatter before heading home.

25 Nov

Ride News

Sunday Ride – Gisborne – 25th November 2018

30 members assembled in Gisborne this morning for today’s ride. Weather conditions were cool and overcast with a South Westerly wind blowing. Conditions remained the same for most of the ride with a tail wind coming back from Gisborne South.

5 riders rode the medium ride and the remaining 25 set off on the longer ride and the climb over Mt Gisborne. Riders on the longer ride then regrouped at the corner of Deverall and Dalrymple Roads and then split into 2 groups. 15 riders completed the longer ride with 10 riders riding a 5 km shortened version by not climbing Waterfalls Road.

We had 2 incidents on this mornings ride with the first one being a member falling off his bike just after the start of the ride. Fortunately he was able to continue the ride. The next incident was a puncture by one of the lady members. One member (gentlemen Jim) stopped to assist. When the ladies attempted to pump up the replacement tube it would not inflate. A swap to another tube then fixed the problem. By this time all the members on the modified ride had arrived and waited while the puncture repair was completed and then all rode the remainder of the ride together.

Once the ride was completed all members were together at the cafe. The usual chatter and refreshments followed before we all headed home.

22 Nov

Thursday Ride – Woodend – 22nd November 2018

2 members assembled in Woodend this morning for today’s ride. Weather conditions were less than ideal for riding with a North Westerly wind, cold and intermittent showers and some sunshine.  It was nearly a day for full winter gear. As we rode away from Woodend the skies lifted and we had some short sunny breaks followed by drizzle and damp roads.

We rode a 42km modified version of our normal Thursday ride by eliminating the section along Chases Lane, Batters Lane. We then rode Russells Road and Crows Road back to Woodend. We did enjoy a tail wind back to Woodend to conclude the ride and arrived back in sunshine.

It was then into the warmth of the cafe for refreshments and a chat before heading home.