22 Mar

Ride News – 7 Peaks Climbs

3 club members Pene, Luke and Ken M have successfully completed the 7 Peaks Climbs this cycling season. Luke and Ken rode the last of their climbs Thursday 21st March and Pene completed her last climb on February 28th.

Other members have successfully ridden the 7 climbs in previous years and many members have climbed some of the climbs this year also. To complete the 7 usually involves multiple away trips, overnight stays and a lot of sustained climbing. The club’s annual Bright trip generally includes 2 of the climbs. 19 Members climbed Mt Buffalo and 4 Falls Creek during the last trip.

Congratulations to Pene for completing her first 7 Peaks climbs. A fantastic effort

24 Jun

Ride News

Sunday Ride – Kyneton – 24th June 2018

Sixteen riders assembled in Kyneton this morning . Conditions were cold but fine, with a moderate southerly wind. It was noted that numbers were down due to several members having fled to try their luck cycling in Europe. Five riders set out on the long ride, with one latecomer bolting to catch up, which he did shortly before the Burke and Wills track. It was the first time out the Sidonia road for two of the riders and much mention was made about the splendour of the scenery.

One rider on the medium ride skipped the coffee shop and returned to Woodend, from whence she had rode. All long distance riders shortened their ride due to the distinct aroma of coffee detected near the corner of Chases Lane. The short distance riders were well and truly finished refreshments by the time the last riders returned to join the medium group in the warmth of the coffee shop. Three riders then returned to Woodend on their bikes with one intrepid fellow riding all the way back to Gisborne.

03 Jun

Ride News

Sunday Ride – Kyneton – 3rd June 2018

18 riders arrived in Kyneton this morning to tackle today’s weather conditions There was a strong south westerly wind blowing and cold conditions. The ride was fast early with the tail wind out to Malmsbury followed by a long section into the wind before having the tail wind back to Kyneton.

5 riders rode the longer ride, 12 the medium ride and 1 rider rode the shorter ride. We were also joined by one other rider who rode the reverse direction. The rider then accompanied the short ride back to Kyneton. 5 riders on the medium ride also rode a extra 5 kms from the top of Shepherds Hill to extend the distance. One rider on the longer ride unfortunately had a puncture. After replacing the tube he then proceeded to finish the ride with others keeping him company.

Once back at the cafe and into the warmth with all the riders except those who had ridden up from Woodend  it was the usual chatter and refreshments before we all headed home.



15 Feb

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend -15th February 2018

4 riders started out this morning from Woodend for today’s ride. Weather conditions were perfect, although a little chilly at first. Or main stalwart/ride master (KM) and our president, both regular Thursday riders;  presumably recovering from their high country experiences.

The usual route was undertaken at a moderate pace. We collected an additional rider on the homeward journey who accompanied us to Woodend for post ride coffee. Peter seemed interested in joining us again and perhaps we will see him sign up to the club.




04 Feb

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 4th February 2018

We had a  record number of 44 riders assemble for today’s ride on a glorious Sunday morning. Weather conditions were warm and sunny with little wind. Also 3 first time riders rode with the club plus members that had not ridden for many months.

2 riders rode the short ride, 23 riders rode the medium ride or variations of the ride and the remaining 19 rode the longer ride. On the medium ride there were various options to shorten the ride and a few members chose not to climb Waterfalls Road.

Once all riders were together at the cafe it was the usual laughter and fun outside under the shade of the trees. Mention must be made of one member who put his hand up for a chocolate milk shake and after he had consumed some of the drink  was informed by his wife that she did not order a milkshake. We never did find out whose drink he had but it sure made for more laughter. After everyone had there refreshments we all departed for home.


03 Dec

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 3rd December 2017

12 riders arrives in Gisborne this morning for today’s ride. Weather conditions were cloudy with a strong Southerly wind blowing. We were joined by a long time club member (Lauretta)  who currently races with the women’s United Health Care Team in the USA for 7 months of the year and selected races in Aust when home.

All riders rode the long ride. Weather conditions on the ride alternated between mainly sunshine with patches of misty drizzle. This had riders stopping and putting on rain jackets then shortly taking them off when the shower stopped. On the ride there was quite a lot of leaf litter on the road and at one point riders stopped and removed a large branch which was blocking the road. Then as we headed back to Gisborne for approx the last 5km, the showers became a lot heavier and colder. Once back at the cafe the sun shone through again and we all sat outside getting warm and drying out.

All riders enjoyed the refreshments at the cafe before heading home just as another shower started.

10 Sep

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 10th September 2017

18 riders arrived in Gisborne this morning for today’s ride. Conditions were perfect with the sun shining and a light breeze blowing. One of the best mornings for some time.

7 riders rode the longer ride and the remaining 11 rode the medium ride.  Some riders on the medium ride  rode a modified version by eliminating part of the climb up Waterfalls Road.

Riders on the longer ride also modified the ride by eliminating the loop into Gisborne and arrived back at the cafe at the same time as the medium ride. Everyone then enjoyed the company and refreshments before heading home.

03 Sep

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 3rd September 2017

14 members assembled in Kyneton this morning for today’s ride. Conditions were cold with heavy misty rain falling. As we were about to commence riding the rain became even heavier with a little hail. This prompted 3 members to decide not to ride and head for the cafe. The remaining 11 riders then started on their merry way.

5 riders rode the longer ride, 2 rode modified versions of the medium ride and the remaining 4 rode the shorter ride. As we rode over the freeway out of Kyneton the rain ceased and apart from a light shower the rest of the ride was on dry roads with a fair amount of sunshine. Everyone also enjoyed the tail wind back to Kyneton.

Special mention must be made of one member who was riding in a coat more suitable for the snow fields. Good work Rob. However as he said later at least he was dry and warm. All members who rode were together back at the cafe after the ride an enjoyed the warmth and company before heading home.


16 Jul

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 16th July 2017

15 riders assembled in Woodend this morning on a very cold and frosty day. The sun came out once the ride commenced. There was no warmth but it felt good to have the sun shining.

11 riders rode the medium ride, 3 the short ride and one member who had to be home early rode up the Mount and back down. We also had one first time rider with us who joined some friends for the ride.

After the ride all members were together in the cafe enjoying the warmth and being out of the cold. 2 other members who were in the area also called to say hello. After warming up we all departed for home.

07 May

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 7th May 2017

10 riders assembled in Gisborne for today’s ride. Conditions were cool with a northerly wind blowing. Numbers were down due to many members riding the BAD ride in Ballarat today. We had 2 new riders with the club today, Tim who lives in Mt Macedon plus Julia one of the femmes Saturday beginner riders with us for the first time.

5 riders rode the longer ride and the remaining 5 a modified version of the medium ride with distances varying from 25km for 4 members and myself 38km. The ride included climbing Waterfalls Road for all. A milestone achievement for Julia especially as she had climbed Mt Macedon Road to the saddle the previous day. Both climbs were a first. Roscoe also had the misfortune to have a cut tyre and puncture. Part of the fix meant a new tube and a $10 note to patch the hole. Just another use for the currency of the land.

Once back at the cafe it was the usual chat in the warmth before heading home.