26 Apr

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton- 26th April 2015

7 members braved the weather conditions for this mornings ride and given the conditions further south the weather in Kyneton was clear and sunny but very windy.

5 riders elected to ride the shorter ride and 2 the shortened version of the same ride. Apart from the ride from Pipers Creek to Woodend North which was into the wind but mainly downhill the rest of the ride was very good. A very fast ride along Chevely Road, Trio Road back into Kyneton was appreciated by the group.

Coffee afterwards was enjoyed by all.

19 Apr

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride Woodend  19th April 2015

Six riders braved chilly conditions to climb the north face of Mt Macedon from Woodend, and one rider rode straight up the south face. We met at the top having experienced nearly every weather condition known to man and women – sunshine, wind, light rain and fog. The bracing weather sharpened our spirits and with much camaraderie we attacked the descent. General enthusiasm (not to mention the need for a reward) translated into a second coffee at The Chambers.  All agreed that riding in challenging conditions simply heightens the joy of it all. Hopefully Ross O’s fingers have recovered as he received a painful reminder that full glove weather is now upon us!

12 Apr

Ride News

Sunday 12th April 2015 – Gisborne

15 riders assembled on a cool Gisborne morning to start today’s ride including 2 friends of Billiana’s from Melbourne and John on a tandem. Also it was good to see Dave back on his bike for the first time since his accident, and to show there was no problems he chose the long ride over Mt Macedon. Ken S also joined the ride in Macedon after he took some photo’s for the web site.

8 riders elected to ride the longer route and the remaining 7 the shorter route.

Of the 7 on the short ride Ken elected to continue on and climb the South face of Mt Macedon to Cameron Drive where he joined up with the riders on the longer route and rode back with them except for Dave and Ross to made their ride a two coffee stop by detouring to the cafe at the Cross.

All riders made it back and enjoyed coffee at the mandatory stop to refuel in Gisborne.


05 Apr

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 5th April 2015

16 riders assembled in Kyneton this morning under grey skies which soon cleared to a fine morning. 10 riders elected to ride the short ride and the remaining 6 the longer ride. A visitor riding with us elected to ride up Mt Macedon which reduced the longer group to 5 riders however they were in turn joined by Luke to make the numbers back to 6.

Both rides enjoyed good conditions until the rides started to head back to Kyneton along 3 Chain Road into a strong Westerly wind which made the going tough.

A good chat was had by all over coffee after the ride.