28 Jun

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 28th June 2015

17 riders assembled in Kyneton this morning in foggy conditions, however the fog cleared early during the ride and pleasant conditions were had by all members riding. 9 riders rode the short route and the remaining 8 the longer route. Of the riders on the longer route 2 had never been out that way from Kyneton so the ride could have gone anywhere and they would not have known. However the rest of the riders knew where they were going and safely arrived back in Kyneton following the published route and had an very enjoyable ride.

On a much more serious note Lawrie was nearly doored by a car in Kyneton at the finish of the ride when riding near the Town Hall and in the bike lane. Only by luck and some good avoidance was he able to miss the door which was opened immediately in front of him without warning. Fortunately no one was riding alongside him at the time so he did not crash into someone else and cause them to fall.

Members are cautioned to treat every other person, driver on the road as idiots and to exercise extreme care when riding in bike lanes alongside parked cars. In my case I always ride on the edge or outside the lane to allow enough clearance if a door is suddenly opened and to have room to swerve to avoid an incident.

Back on a lighter note and to the purpose of the ride, the coffee was great after the ride, especially when the sun was out and shining in the cafe where we were seated.

25 Jun

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 25th June 2015

7 riders assembled for today’s ride with a southerly breeze starting to get a bit strong. The riders were Donna, Jennie, Sue B who had completed a long ride yesterday with the Gisborne Easy Riders, Ken M, Keith, Lawrie and Roscoe. By the time the riders had returned towards Woodend the breeze had abated a little so the return ride was not overly hard by being into a stiff headwind.

The ride went to Carlshrue and on to Lancefield for a mandatory coffee stop and then back to Woodend via Rochford, Bryces Lane. A return ride of 60.5km’s, which was followed by another coffee stop in Woodend.

It’s not about the ride it’s about the coffee afterwoods

21 Jun

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 21st June 2015

12 riders assembled on a very chilly morning in Woodend, about zero degrees with the sun shining. 8 riders elected to ride the short ride and 4 the longer ride. Luke joined the longer ride in Lancefield. Weather conditions were good on the ride except it was quite cold riding along 3 Chain Road under the trees. The wind was also starting to get a bit stronger as the riders on the longer ride were riding along Anderson Road but when they turned into Clancy’s Lane it became a nice tail wind for the finish.

18 Jun

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 18th June 2015

4 riders assembled in Woodend this morning under very cold misty conditions and after due consideration proceeded to ride. Riders were Ken M, Roscoe, Lance and Donna and after riding a short distance toward Kyneton the mist cleared and conditions were reasonable after that if cold.The ride proceeded to The Roadhouse and back to Newham then up Bryces Lane and back to Woodend. I noticed on the drive home that the fog had come back in aroundHanging Rock and the Rock was no longer visible so we certainly got the best of the morning conditions, The cafe at Woodend was very warm and welcome after the cold conditions on the road.

14 Jun

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 14th June 2015

20 riders rode today from Gisborne on a very chilly morning but with sunshine and no wind. Ideal conditions.

4 riders elected to ride the short ride as they had time commitments and the remaining 16 rode the longer ride over Mt Macedon from Woodend. After climbing Mt Macedon to Cameron Drive a visitor from Melbourne who rode with us expressed the desire to ride to the Cross and he was accompanied by 5 other riders. Following the mandatory coffee at the top they returned back down the mount to Gisborne and being a little late all went straight to their cars.

However all riders would have had a good ride as the conditions were perfect for cycling. Hoping to see similar turnout for next weeks ride.

11 Jun

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 11th June 2015

5 riders rode out from Woodend this morning on a cold but great morning for riding, virtually no wind and some welcome sunshine, and they were joined by Ken who rode across to Woodend from Romsey. Riders rode to Lancefield and back and a good ride was had by all and apart from Lawrie breaking the fixing bolt that holds his saddle in place and having to ride the last 15k out of the saddle. Everyone suggested he try it more often because he left all the riders behind and got back to Woodend 5 minutes before the rest of the group.

After the mandatory coffee break Ken rode to Macedon and returned to Romsey via the South side of Mt Macedon. A round trip of 74k.

08 Jun

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton- 7th June 2015

20 riders assembled on a very bleak morning for today’s ride with a very strong north wind blowing, however a great releif when we turned into Youngs Road and had the tail wind. One new member had her first ride with the club, definitely baptism under fire, good on Bern and it was good to see some riders who had not ridden for some time, namely Sharon and Colleen. Great to see so many keen riders on a average morning.

9 riders rode the longer ride and when heading towards Trentham a seeing eye dog was needed to find your way in the fog. The remaining riders road the shorter route with Ross and John doing some sprint training down one of the roads near Malmsbury and Colleen road the route bypassing Shepherds Hill Road.

Unfortunately when the riders on the longer ride arrived back at Kyneton the coffee shops were full so some riders went for a counter lunch instead.

05 Jun

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 4th June 2015

5 riders assembled for a start on a very cold Woodend morning. The ride was out to Carlshrue, 3 Chain Road to Newham then up Bryces Lane followed by Straws Lane because Rosco wanted to climb the hill and everyone followed of course. Keith rode the climb for the first time and Jennie the second time. That is now 3 of our regular Thursday riders who have ridden up Straws Lane for the first time in the last few weeks. A good effort for those concerned. The ride was conducted in sunny conditions and fortunately the wind had not gotten up very strong by the time the ride was finished.

Billiana also road up the South side of Mt Macedon on Wednesday with Luke, another great effort.