30 Jul

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 30th July 2015

Only 3 riders assembled for this mornings ride and a very windy day. Lawrie, Roscoe & Ken M and rode out to Carlshrue via Chevelly Rd and then on to Newham, Bryces Lane and back to Woodend via Boundary Road, a total distance of 39km’s

Once the riders reached 3 Chain Road at Carlshrue the wind then became a tail wind or a cross tail wind so the ride conditions improved dramatically from that point on and it was a nice ride back with the wind at our backs. The rain that was threatening held off apart from a few spits as we rode out of Newham towards Bryces Lane.

However it was very welcoming to get back to Woodend and into the warmth of the coffee shop.

26 Jul

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 26th July 2015

12 riders assembled on a very bleak morning for today’s ride with 2 first time riders  ( Lyn & John) who could not have picked a worse day for their introduction into riding with the club. Cold, very windy and the threat of rain. Because of the conditions on Mt Macedon (Fogged in and Possible icy roads) the long ride was varied to exclude climbing over the Mount.

7 riders elected to ride the amended longer ride but as the first portion of the ride was extremely tough into the wind all elected to ride the shorter route up Waterfalls Road and back instead. Ross O & Ken S accompanied the two newer riders to ensure they were OK. There was a slight sprinkling of rain heading towards Nursery Road which had any riders stopping to put on rain jackets if they did not start the ride wearing them, however by the time the riders had regrouped at the corner of Nursery Road the threat of rain had disappeared and the rest of the ride was held in cold but ideal conditions, sunshine and with a tail wind back to Gisborne.

At the end of the ride the coffee shop was most welcome and warm.


23 Jul

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 23rd July 2015

7 riders assembled this morning under very foggy conditions and rode a 48km loop out through Newham, Chases Lane, Pipers Creek and back via Trio Rd, Clancys Lane.

Conditions during the ride alternated between very foggy and cold to nice sunshine, but over the ride the weather was comfortable for riding especially and there was little or no wind. The last portion of the ride was completed under very sunny skies and was most enjoyable. After the ride everyone welcomed the warmth of the coffee shop.

19 Jul

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 19th July 2015

8 riders assembled on a very cold frosty morning in Kyneton  for today’s ride We were joined by a new rider (Dean) who has just recently relocated from Brisbane so this morning’s weather was a culture shock. Unfortunately for us Dean is a very good rider and certainly appears above the level of our expertise, but we had an enjoyable ride with him. All but one rider chose to ride the long route as Christine had to get back to Kyneton for  work this afternoon. Roscoe joined the ride north of Kyneton and Ken S joined the ride in Malmsbury at the mandatory mid ride coffee stop. (Dave’s fault). After coffee the ride continued back via Young’s Rd, Lauriston Rd to Kyneton.

It was very pleasant to ride with the sun out , dry roads and virtually no wind. Ideal conditions and even the cold was gone after a short time.


16 Jul

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 16th July 2015

4 riders rode from Woodend this morning in cold conditions, but as has happened lately by the time the riders had crossed the Woodend – Romsey Road the sun was out and the conditions seemed warmer even if they were not really. Lance, Keith, Roscoe and Ken M rode a 40km ride out via Bryces Ln, Newham, Carlshrue and back along Cobb & Co Rd and Clancys Ln. The ride was mainly with a nice tail wind to Carlshrue then we turned and headed back to Woodend into the headwind with some protection by the roadside trees .

We were joined for coffee by Donna who had a hard ride on Tuesday and decided not to ride this morning.

12 Jul

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 12th July 2015

4 hardy souls turned up to ride this morning, Mark,Ken M, Ross O, Ross G, fair weather riders were noted by their absence. Even Ross G rode with a sore lower back and completed a slightly shorter version of the ride. All riders rode the short 43k route and once Woodend was cleared the ride was conducted in sunny conditions except for the last few km’s back along Clancy’s Lane heading back into Woodend where some light rain had started to fall. By the time all were back in the coffee shop we were a bit cold but mainly dry.

After a mandatory coffee we had started to thaw and except for Ross O and Mark who were riding home it was into the car for Ken and Ross G with the heater turned up.

09 Jul

Thursday Ride News – Woodend – 9th July 2015

7 riders assembled this morning for today’s ride. Must be school holidays as 2 teachers were riding today. The ride went to Lancefield via Bryce’s Lane, Rochford and returned after the mandatory coffee stop in Lancefield via 3 Chain Road, Don’s Road, Boundary road, a total distance of 55.8km’s.

After a second coffee stop in Woodend where Ken had to bot some money as he only had enough for a one coffee stop ride and a follow up lesson in how to operate Strava everyone went there way.

A good ride was had by all under good riding conditions except it was a bit cold after the Lancefield stop.

05 Jul

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 5th July 2015

13 riders assembled in Gisborne this morning on a cold but sunny start. All but one rider went over Mt Gisborne and by the time riders had reached the end of the climb the North Westerly wind had increased in strength to what appeared gale force and everyone had to then ride back into Gisborne straight into the wind. After reaching the point where the rides altered course only 5 foolhardy riders (John M, Billiana, Keith, Jennie and Ken M) continued on to the longer route which included riding up to Nursery Road into the wind. From there riders had a tail wind for the remainder of the ride. Riders on the shorter route also had similar conditions when they were returning to Gisborne.

The coffee shops in Gisborne were overloaded due to this morning being market day so most riders did the unforgivable and opted to forgo coffee. All things considered a tough day for a ride but at least there was no rain.


02 Jul

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 2nd July 2015

4 riders assembled this morning and an apology from Lawrie who fortunately for him had other commitments. A new rider joined the group today and definitely got a baptism under fire.  Riders left Woodend in fine sunny conditions which did not last.

As the wind was predicted to be a strong south westerly the ride went south to Macedon then up Waterfalls road, Baringo and back. Unfortunately when we started to descend Mt Macedon a rain squall came in and it was very wet until we started down from Baringo when the sun came out for a while. The ride back to Woodend was cold wet and a lot of water on the road. Our new first time rider said he would be back next week.

At the end of the ride 4 bedraggled riders enjoyed a coffee before heading home to dry out. The lady in the coffee shop commented we must be mad and I replied it certainly helps at times. Anyhow being the eternal optimist we can only hope for a better day the next time.