30 Aug

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 30th August 2015

14 riders assembled in Kyneton under very grey, misty skies. As the ride progressed we rode out of the misty weather and into some nice sunshine and the only rain that threatened was as the 4 riders on the long route neared the Pig and Whistle there was a tiny amount of drizzle and damp road for a short spell. We had 2 new riders this morning ( Penny and her son Oliver). 4 ladies started before the rest as they  were getting cold waiting for the last few riders to get ready and as they were going to be riding slow and said that the others would catch them anyway.

The remaining 10 riders set of when they were ready and caught the early starters at the corner of Youngs Rd and Lauriston Rd. The group split there with 4 riders riding back to Kyneton as they had commitments which meant they needed to finish early. The remaining 10 riders then climbed Shepherds Hill Road and at the top of the climb 4 continued on the longer route via Fern Hill and the other 6 rode the short route back to Kyneton. Conditions were very tough on the road as from the time the ride turned into Youngs Road it was straight into a strong head wind and it did not get any better for those riding all the way to Fern Hill. The only consolation was that when both groups were heading back towards Kyneton they had a very strong Tail wind for last part of the ride.

The warmth of the cafe was very welcoming after the cold on the road.

27 Aug

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 27th August 2015

3 riders assembled this morning under misty skies for today’s ride, however blue skies were visible in the Kyneton direction so that was where we headed. We rode a 55k loop to Kyneton, Batters Lane, Chases Lane, Newham, Bryces Lane and back via Clancys Road.

The ride was conducted without any rain apart from a slight amount of light mist at the start of the ride as we headed out from Woodend and with a tail wind to Kyneton the ride was at a brisk pace, unfortunately that meant a head wind back but it was not strong enough to be a problem. A good ride was had by three of us.


23 Aug

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 23rd August 2015

17 riders assembled in Woodend this morning on a glorious morning for a ride, nice warm sunshine with little or no wind. Good to see Billiana back riding again after the cold weather and comments were made that because Lawrie was not riding it must have been raining in Trentham.

3 riders rode the shorter route and the remaining 14 the longer route. The ride was ridden at a  fast pace and after the ride split at Don’s Road the riders heading to Lancefield were complaining that those on 2nd & 3rd wheel in the group were having to apply the brakes regularly because the leaders were not going fast enough. Brett and Roscoe, the leaders, said that if the ride was not fast enough to take the lead so I commenced the futile chase after Luke and NIck who were up ahead which triggered a response from all riders and the race was on to Lancefield. The speed to Lancefield from the commencement of the ride in Woodend was an average of in excess of 26.5 kph. The ride was then followed by Dave and Roscoe’s mandatory coffee stop in Lancefield. Actually everyone enjoyed the coffee but it is always nice the lay the blame where it is deserved.

After fueling up in Lancefield the ride continued back to Woodend where the average speed back was nearly as fast as the ride to Lancefield approx. 20 kph. which included the climbs of Rochford Hill and Bryces Lane. A further coffee stop in Woodend where a lot of friendly banter ensued where I copped the blame for starting the race to Lancefield, before we all headed for home. A great time and ride was had by all.


20 Aug

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 20th August 2015

7 riders assembled this morning for today’s  ride from Woodend in sunny conditions with a fairly strong Northerly wind.

We rode a 48km ride out through Newham, Chases Lane to Batters Lane and then turned for the return ride to Woodend and we then had a very welcome tail wind for the ride back via Chevely Road and Clancys Lane, followed by the mandatory coffee stop for a chat and rest.


16 Aug

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 16th August 2015

An excellent number of 20 riders assembled for this mornings ride in Gisborne in ideal conditions for this time of the year, minimal wind and nice sunshine. It was good to see Luke back riding again after having been off for some time while recovering from the flu, plus 3 other riders who occasionally ride on the Sundays. 18 riders chose to ride over Mt Gisborne and ride the longer route with 2 riders covering the short shorter option.

The ride was beset by punctures with John M being the first to succumb to one after climbing over the top of Deverall Road hill. 3 riders stopped to provide support and moral assistance and once the punctured tyre had been replaced started the chase after the other riders. On regrouping with two of the riders who had waited for us to catch up at the top of Cherry Road John McB also succumbed to a puncture but as he has the the ability to easily catch back to the group he said he would replace the tube on his own and was soon back with the the other members of the tail end riders. The last 6 riders slightly modified the ride in an attempt to catch the remaining riders. All to no avail but by the time the last group had reached Gisborne the others had not been there for a great length of time as some were just having their coffees being served.

A good time was then had by all at the coffee shop before all went their separate ways.

13 Aug

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 13th August 2015

3 riders rode this morning from Woodend, things were a bit chaotic this morning as I was late due to an appointment and when I arrived I could not see any cars of the regular Thursday riders so I presumed that no one had ridden . I waited for a slight rain shower to finish and commenced to ride. As  I was heading along Mt Macedon Road and about to cross the freeway I spotted Brett & Christian coming the opposite way. Brett joined up with me and we road up to Straws Lane and down, then Anderson Rd and back to Woodend, a short ride for me as Brett had already rode a similar distance with Christian. Ride conditions were excellent for both portions of the ride with virtually no rain, wind and sunny conditions mainly.

09 Aug

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 9th August 2015

18 riders assembles this morning at the velodrome in Kyneton under cloudy conditions which unfortunately did not improve during the ride, however the wind wast fairly light and the morning warmer than we have had for some weeks.

4 riders rode the short shorter version including Loris who has not ridden for some time with us. The other 14 set off on the short and long rides and Brett unfortunately had a puncture just as we rolled out from the velodrome. Dave, John and Ross rode back to keep him company and the remaining 10 riders headed out on the ride. When the riders reached the point where the group split 2 took the short option back to Kyneton and joined with the 4 who had ridden the short shorter ride. The remaining 8 riders continued on the longer ride where they were joined by 2 of the riders from the puncture group. The remaining 2 riders missed the turn off and continued on to Baynton and then rode directly back into Kyneton. Reminder to John, never follow Dave’s directions as he sometimes get the maps wrong. Everyone else thought he must have been heading to Lancefield for an extra cup of coffee.

All riders made it back to the coffee stop in Kyneton for a bit of warmth where there was a bit of ribbing done at Dave’s expense.






06 Aug

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 6th August 2015

6 riders assembled this morning on a fine but cold Woodend morning, and Lawrie joined us after the ride for coffee at the usual place . We were also joined by Ian B for the first time today as he normally rides with others on different days, but it was good to have is company for today’s ride.

We rode 53km’s out to the back of Hanging Rock, Newham, Chases Lane and back via Trio Road. The rain which was around Woodend and looked threatening did not eventuate and the ride was conducted in cool windy conditions with some nice sunny breaks.

An enjoyable time was then held over the compulsory cup of coffee, hot chocolate for Lawrie.

02 Aug

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 2nd August 2015

12 riders assembled in Woodend this morning for today’s ride in cold, windy conditions. 5 riders rode the shorter route including a first time rider with the club. It was also very good to see Chris K riding again after his accident with a car in Riddell’s Creek recently and Brett who has been absent from riding for some time. 8 riders rode the longer route after John McB joined the group near Rochford.

Every body rode up Mt Macedon Road to Straws Lane and unfortunately Ken M (Namely me) came a cropper on the way down Straws Lane, failed to take the left hand corner half way down and ended in the ditch. Fortunately no damage done apart from a slight sore hip which I landed on and more importantly the bike was OK. Should have known better because I always warn new riders about that corner. Anyhow got back on and continued the longer ride to Lancefield where Dave & Roscoe insisted on the mandatory coffee stop. After coffee the group continued back to Woodend along 3 Chain Road straight into the wind until by general consensus we modified the route and turned into Dons Road to escape the wind for the ride back.

A second coffee was then participated in at Woodend by the group before riders headed for home.