23 Aug

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 23rd August 2015

17 riders assembled in Woodend this morning on a glorious morning for a ride, nice warm sunshine with little or no wind. Good to see Billiana back riding again after the cold weather and comments were made that because Lawrie was not riding it must have been raining in Trentham.

3 riders rode the shorter route and the remaining 14 the longer route. The ride was ridden at a  fast pace and after the ride split at Don’s Road the riders heading to Lancefield were complaining that those on 2nd & 3rd wheel in the group were having to apply the brakes regularly because the leaders were not going fast enough. Brett and Roscoe, the leaders, said that if the ride was not fast enough to take the lead so I commenced the futile chase after Luke and NIck who were up ahead which triggered a response from all riders and the race was on to Lancefield. The speed to Lancefield from the commencement of the ride in Woodend was an average of in excess of 26.5 kph. The ride was then followed by Dave and Roscoe’s mandatory coffee stop in Lancefield. Actually everyone enjoyed the coffee but it is always nice the lay the blame where it is deserved.

After fueling up in Lancefield the ride continued back to Woodend where the average speed back was nearly as fast as the ride to Lancefield approx. 20 kph. which included the climbs of Rochford Hill and Bryces Lane. A further coffee stop in Woodend where a lot of friendly banter ensued where I copped the blame for starting the race to Lancefield, before we all headed for home. A great time and ride was had by all.