30 Aug

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 30th August 2015

14 riders assembled in Kyneton under very grey, misty skies. As the ride progressed we rode out of the misty weather and into some nice sunshine and the only rain that threatened was as the 4 riders on the long route neared the Pig and Whistle there was a tiny amount of drizzle and damp road for a short spell. We had 2 new riders this morning ( Penny and her son Oliver). 4 ladies started before the rest as they  were getting cold waiting for the last few riders to get ready and as they were going to be riding slow and said that the others would catch them anyway.

The remaining 10 riders set of when they were ready and caught the early starters at the corner of Youngs Rd and Lauriston Rd. The group split there with 4 riders riding back to Kyneton as they had commitments which meant they needed to finish early. The remaining 10 riders then climbed Shepherds Hill Road and at the top of the climb 4 continued on the longer route via Fern Hill and the other 6 rode the short route back to Kyneton. Conditions were very tough on the road as from the time the ride turned into Youngs Road it was straight into a strong head wind and it did not get any better for those riding all the way to Fern Hill. The only consolation was that when both groups were heading back towards Kyneton they had a very strong Tail wind for last part of the ride.

The warmth of the cafe was very welcoming after the cold on the road.