27 Sep

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 27th September 2015

17 riders assembled in Gisborne this morning on what was the best morning for cycling since the end of Autumn and they were joined by 2 others on the way to Woodend. 3 riders started slightly ahead of the main group as they said the group would catch them anyway.

The remainder set off a few minutes later with Dave throwing the toys out of the pram because the ride had not made provisions for at least 2 coffee stops along the way. Just joking Dave. 8 riders elected to ride the longer route with one pulling out at Woodend and heading home and the remaining 11 rode the shorter route, it was good to see Lawrie back riding at the weekend as his sore shoulder had improved sufficient to enable him to ride today and also last Thursday on the Woodend ride. Also nice to see Lyn back again after the very cold morning of her last ride with us.

Good of Roscoe to take on Dave’s role of a coffee stop along the way as he managed to stop at the Trading Post on the way down the mount and saluted some of the other riders as they went past and then find time to join the rest of the crew in Gisborne for another cup. A gutsy effort by Roscoe. Now that the weather looks like it has turned for the better hopefully the rides will attract even more members each week.

24 Sep

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 24th September 2015

5 riders assembled this morning on a cold and windy morning and with the predicted wind strength to increase during the ride time the route chosen was to Macedon, Baringo, and back via Ferrier Road, a ride of some 43km. The ride was conducted in mainly sunny conditions, most unusual for a Woodend morning but very welcome. Once the ride reached Ferrier Road conditions improved as by this time we had reached the point where the tail wind started to come into effect and the ride back to Woodend was a pleasant change instead of beating into a head wind all the time.

We were also joined in the coffee shop by Donna and a jovial session ensured by all present.

20 Sep

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 20th September 2015

19 riders assembled in Woodend this morning on a glorious day for a bike ride apart from a North Wind which was a head wind for a large part of the beginning of the ride.

7 riders rode the shorter route and the remaining 12 rode the longer route. All except one rider rode the climb up Mt Macedon Road to Straws Lane, the remaining rider did not want to ride the descent down Straws Lane and rejoined the riders on the shorter ride in Newham. The ride split at the corner of Bryces Lane and Rochford Road. The short ride heading via Newham and the longer ride continuing on to Lancefield where there was Dave’s mandatory coffee stop at the usual place. After coffee the ride continued back to Carlshrue and was ridden mainly into a cross head wind which made it difficult however it was nice to then have a decent tail wind all the way back to Woodend.

The ride back to Woodend was then followed by a further coffee stop and chit chat with some friendly ribbing of various members. A good time was had by all.

17 Sep

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 17th September 2015

3 riders assembled this morning (Luke,Jennie and myself) on a typical Woodend morning as of late, cold,southerly wind blowing and the ever present threat of rain, however the sun was shining to the north of Woodend so that was the direction that we rode. We rode one of our regular loops to Kyneton and back via Newham, a ride of approx 50km and apart from the normal head wind in Don’s road it was a good ride. We encountered a little drizzle as we rode past Newham but it had disappeared by the time we were riding along Anderson Road and the ride into Woodend was completed without any more rain.

The ride was a little cool which was a big change after the great weather of last weekend but hopefully  these current conditions will soon disappear and more pleasant riding will become the norm.

The warmth of the coffee shop was very welcome.

13 Sep

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 13th September 2015

14 riders assembled in Kyneton this morning on an absolutely beautiful morning for riding. Sunshine and only a little wind. All but one rider rode the published course as the one rider had to return to Woodend early. The ride conditions were excellent with a fairly light north wind which made the ride along Chases Lane slightly difficult but otherwise a fast ride overall.

Coffee was then held at the usual spot and then we wandered down to the assembly point for the Kyneton Daffodil Parade. After a lengthy wait for the parade to start we then proceeded to ride down the main street at walking pace, fortunately everyone managed to stay upright with the slow pace that we were riding at. Most members then went to where we had a tent setup in the public area for some club promotion.

A good time was had by all.

Congratulations also for 3 of our members who rode the Amy’s Gran Fondo today


10 Sep

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 10th September 2015

4 riders assembled for today’s ride with the usual conditions that we have had for so many weeks. Cold, little or no sun and the ever present southerly breeze. Great to see Bruno back riding again after his holidays. We rode a 55 km loop to Kyneton, Pipers Creek Rd, Chases Lane, Newham, Bryces Lane and back via Anderson Road. Whilst the wind was a little cold fortunately it was not very strong so the conditions heading back to Woodend were OK. The ride was conducted at a brisk pace heading towards to Kyneton and very enjoyable as the protection afforded by the hills on the way back made the return ride a little easier.

The warmth of the coffee shop was even better after being out in the cold.

06 Sep

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Romsey – 6th September 2015

17 riders assembled in Romsey this morning on a cool morning with a cold but light northerly wind blowing.  2 riders elected to ride the short ride and the remaining 15 riders chose the longer ride and they were joined by Roscoe to the north of Lancefield.

There was a lot of friendly banter about my reindeer antlers ( actually 2 small branches sticking out my helmet) which I have found to be great for magpie protection as there are a couple of spots around Romsey and Lancefield where they can be quite vicious and persistent. Some members of todays ride were swooped as well as myself in the areas where they nest in the trees waiting for hapless cyclists to come by. Luke also had the misfortune to have a puncture early in the ride but it did not take him long to replace the tube and catch up to the group.

We also managed to ride through Lancefield without having a stop for Dave’s mandatory coffee stop. Maybe it was because Roscoe was not with us at that stage.  Once the ride had reached the turn around point at Frosts Road the wind was starting to become much stronger and the ride back was a very fast ride with a nice tail wind and except for the cross wind in Boundary Road it was a very enjoyable ride back to Romsey where everyone assembled for a sit near the fire and coffee and a chat in the cafe and swapped stories about the magpies swooping among other topics.


03 Sep

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 3rd September 2015

4 riders assembled in Woodend this morning ( the usual suspects) Roscoe, Donna, Jennie and myself) on a typically Woodend morning of late, Cold, windy with the ever present threat of rain. As the skies were very black to the south of Woodend we chose to ride to Kyneton via Cheveley Rd, Batters Lane and back by Chases Lane, Newham, Bryces Lane and the Avenue of Honour, a ride of 53.5kms. Unfortunately because of the head wind the ride back from Kyneton was difficult at times in the exposed areas of the ride. However on the bright side we managed to complete the entire ride in mainly sunny conditions with no rain. As I got into my car to go home the spits of rain were evident on the windscreen. Either good judgement or mugs luck, the latter most likely.

We were joined by Lawrie and Therese in the coffee shop and it was good to see Lawrie up and about and hopefully he will be back riding with us sooner than later.

After a good chat and a chance to get warm it was time to brave the conditions and head for home.