29 Oct

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 29th October 2015

7 riders commenced their ride from Woodend this morning under warming conditions and climbed Mt Macedon to the Cross and returned via Boundary Road, Clancy’s Lane to Woodend, a distance of 38.5 km’s.

Apart from a couple of mishaps, one with Keith being unable access his 2 lowest gears on the climb but still managing to reach the Cross and Luke having the misfortune to break the chain on his bicycle just as he commenced the climb up Cameron Drive, rolled off the bike as well with no harm done to man or machine. He was able to rig the chain back to together and carefully rode back to Woodend where Russell at the bike shop repaired the chain and Luke then rode the route that we had ridden and joined us for coffee. Keith was also heading to Russell’s after coffee to have the gears on his bike adjusted.

All in all, an eventful morning but a great ride was had by all and much discussion ensued over coffee at the end.

25 Oct

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 25th October 2015

22 riders assembled this morning under threatening skies in Woodend which soon gave way to a good morning for riding and fortunately the north wind had not started to strengthen prior to the turning point of the ride and the tail wind back to Woodend was very welcome. The riders were also joined along the route by 2 other members making the total members of 24 with one new member having his first ride with the club.

All but 2 riders rode up to Straws Lane with the other 2 riders not wanting to ride down Straws Lane because of the steep descent. Some of the riders also had to pull out of the ride at Straws Lane due to other committments and returned home. 5 riders rode the longer route to Lancefield and the remaining 15 rode the shorter route.

A good ride was had by all and the coffee stop in Woodend was as usual enjoyable.

22 Oct

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend 22nd October 2015

Two riders chose to venture out in drizzling rain with the hope that conditions might improve, which they did once north of Hanging Rock. After the descent from Bryce’s Lane the skies cleared and the roads were dry towards Newham and along Don’s Lane. Discouraged by the head wind, we shortened the trip via a detour along Mowbray’s Rd which included perhaps a kilometre of firm gravel to Anderson’s Rd, up to the roundabout and back into Woodend where the weather was the same as when we left – damp!. Not withstanding, both riders agreed that the effort was truly worthwhile.

18 Oct

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 18th October 2015

18 riders assembled on a cool start to the ride in Gisborne this morning and it was good to welcome back Kevin and Chris who have not ridden with us for some months.

13 riders rode the longer circuit with two riders riding the short short version and the remaining 3 the short circuit. The low cloud lifted during the ride and conditions improved dramatically after that. Ross O also won his race yesterday so hearty congrats to him and Roscoe looked the worse for wear ( or maybe that how he looks all the time) as he had been up all night tending a sick horse. The rides were conducted at a good pace and apart from the headwind back into Gisborne conditions were excellent for riding which was followed by the mandatory coffee stop at our usual haunt.

An enjoyable time was had by all prior to the ride/ drive home.


15 Oct

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 15th October 2015

A small number of only 4 riders assembled in Woodend this morning for today’s ride, and to get some climbing practice in prior to our Bright trip we climbed Mt Macedon to the Cross and returned via Anderson Road, Clancy’s Lane to Woodend. A total of 39km’s.

The ride was great up to the Cross and by the time we reached Cameron Drive the north wind was starting to get much stronger which was a big help heading to the top of the Mount but made hard work of the ride back out to Mt Macedon Road and along Boundary Road and Anderson road until we turned into Clancy’s Lane where the tail wind was a very welcome change heading back into Woodend.

The ride was also a 2 coffee stop so Dave and Roscoe would have been proud of us.

11 Oct

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 11th October 2015

A record number of 25 riders assembled in Kyneton including one new member, Becky and another rider Frank who had not previously ridden with the club. The morning  conditions were a little cool to start but that soon changed to a great day for riding especially as the return ride had a nice tail wind.

8 riders rode the shorter route and the remaining 17 rode the longer route. Ken M (me) did his usual trick of complaining of the slow pace of the lead riders so took of to chase the riders who started slightly ahead of the riders who were riding the longer route. The number of riders on the longer route was also accidentally increased because some of the riders who intended to ride the shorter route went past the turn around point and rode down the hill into Metcalfe and from there it was just as easy to continue on the longer route as to climb back up the Metcalfe Hill. The groups started to merge together again at Malmsbury as the riders on the shorter ride had stopped there for coffee and doughnuts, (namely Roscoe who has difficulty riding past a coffee shop and company), even coffee Dave missed out on his mid ride coffee break, and everybody then road back to Kyneton with the riders splitting into 2 groups with some riding directly back to Kyneton and 9 riding back via Lauriston.

Fortunately because the groups were a bit separated on the road by the time they reached the coffee shop the owners had an easier time and did not have 25 riders descend all at once for coffee. A good ride was had by all.

08 Oct

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 8th October 2015

8 riders assembled for this mornings ride from Woodend, good to see Morgan back riding before his exams are due, and rode one of our regular routes to Kyneton and back via Newham due to the predicted North wind to have a tail wind on the return ride. The ride was ridden at a brisk pace with Roscoe & Donna shortening the ride back directly to Woodend from the end of Chases Lane as Roscoe was supposed to be elsewhere and did not want to ride the longer distance, the other 6 continued on to Newham where only Ken M and Brett rode up Bryces Lane and the other 4 wimped out and rode direct back to Woodend. However all were together to have a chat at the coffee stop after the ride.

A good ride was had by all.

04 Oct

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 4th October 2015

17 riders assembled in Woodend this morning for the first ride of the daylight savings season. Don’t know if the normal riders that were absent missed the change of time on their clocks or had Grand Final Itis. The ride was joined by Kristian in Ashbourne Road and later by Dave near Kyneton. 11 riders rode the shorter route and the remaining 7 plus Dave the longer route. As the weather was quite mild with a slight head wind while traveling in the direction of Trentham and basically a tail wind for the rest of the ride both rides were conducted at a fast pace, and with Dave & Roscoe not riding to Trentham the group on the longer ride were able to ride through Trentham without the mandatory coffee stop.

It was nice to be able to ride without having to have  multiple layers of clothing to ward off the cold and instead have to put on sunscreen for protection. Yeah for the warmer weather approaching. Finally a good time was had by all over coffee at the usual spot.


01 Oct

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 1st October 2015

9 riders assembled for today’s ride from Woodend in ideal conditions. A record number for the Thursday ride. Good to welcome Ann back for a ride on her newly purchased road bike, so she has now joined the serious riders club and also Bruce who is an occasional rider with the club. We rode one of our regular loops to Kyneton via Cheveley Road and back via Newham and except for one member who at one point rode straight ahead instead of turning left and the rest of the sheep followed. Baa. ( I will not mention the ladies name under threat of severe punishment) so two riders rode 55kms and the remainder 49kms.

However there was considerable friendly banter during the coffee stop over the variation of the route. Roscoe also had a hissy fit because he was unable to get a doughnut to have with his coffee as he had been hanging out for one and talking about nothing else during the ride.

However a great time was had by all.