29 Nov

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 29th November 2015

20 riders rode from Gisborne under overcast conditions with all but one rider going over Mt Gisborne. We were also joined by Dave who rode from home to join us. After regrouping 5 riders rode the shorter route and the remaining 16 the longer route. During the ride we were joined by two other members who were riding portions of the route we were using but separated from us during the ride and rejoined us later for coffee at the completion of their ride.

Of the 16 riders on the longer route 5 riders decided the ride was not hard enough ( there is always someone who wants to climb an extra hill) and rode up Waterfalls Rd to the top and they were joined by myself making 6 deviants who added an extra 5 km to the scheduled ride.

After the completion of the ride there was much carry on about riders changing the route, as I am usually the one to insist riders stick to the plan. As everyone on the longer ride knew the route was being altered, then that is not as big of an issue as when members go off on their own without telling anyone. It was all good fun with much discussion and an enjoyable time was had by all over the usual coffee break at the end of the ride.