31 Jan

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 31st january 2016

10 riders assembled this morning under cool conditions with a damp road from overnight rain but as good fortune would have it both rides were conducted without any rain falling, except for a few spits of rain in Baringo. We were joined by 2 first time riders who had a concern that they would not be able to keep up with us but they acquitted themselves and managed all the climbs that were part of today’s ride.

4 riders rode the longer route and the remaining 6 rode the shorter route. The ride commenced into a fairly strong north wind but on the return ride the tail wind was most welcome.

Everyone enjoyed the coffee stop at the finish and we look forward to our new riders continuing to ride with us in the future.


28 Jan

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 28th January 2016

6 riders assembled in cool conditions with the threat of rain, but fortunately we managed to complete the entire ride just as a few drops of rain began to fall as we were putting bikes back into cars. We rode a 55k loop up to Chases Lane via Mowbrays road because one of our riders wanted to go down the section of gravel (David) and like sheep everyone followed with some minor complaints. We then came back via Batters Lane and then 3 chain road to Newham and back to Woodend. Once we reached the end of Chases Lane at the start of the ride we mainly rode all the way back with a tail wind or at worst a cross tail wind which made for a good ride after the initial harder slog into the head wind.

A good ride was had by all those riding and everyone then enjoyed the coffee shop chatter.




24 Jan

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 24th January 2016

26 riders assembled this morning with threatening conditions and a very strong South Westerly Wind blowing and as would have it the uphill climbs of the ride on both options were into the wind, but the added bonus was that the ride started with a nice tailwind section and a good tailwind section at the end. We were also joined by a first time rider with the club and it is good to see the large numbers riding each weekend as 6 regular riders were either in Sth Aust for the TDU or riding the Audax ride this weekend.

Only 5 riders opted for the longer ride and the remainder rode the shorter option. Of the 21 riders on the shorter ride 6 elected to the ride the extra short version to cut out the climb up Shepherds Hill plus some riders had to be back early and members accompanied them for company and rode back to Kyneton from the end of Youngs Road. There was also mass confusion on the longer ride when 3 riders appeared to disappear from view due to one rider stopping to remove an extra layer of clothing and so the other 2 rode the shorter route back to Kyneton, so at the end only 3 rode the published longer route. As Dave was part of the longer ride and when anything goes wrong we always manage to blame him for it as we need someone to pick on and then have a good laugh and blame him anyway whether he was the cause or not. Back at the coffee stop there was a lot of fun made at the deviants who did not ride the published routes. All in good fun.

Everyone did agree that even with the head wind up the climbs it was a great ride and a good time was had by all.

21 Jan

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 21st january 2016

12 riders assembled this morning under grey skies with a fair bit of fog around, but as often happens when rides commence in Woodend by the time the ride had commenced the skies were lifting and the ride was conducted under very good conditions. We rode a loop up to Kyneton via Cheveley Rd and Batters Lane and returned along Chases Lane and Newham, a ride of 49km. the wind was starting to become a bit of a strong head wind as we were returning to Woodend and in the process the faster riders got split from the slower riders and both groups went to different coffee shops as our usual stop was closed this morning. By the time we worked out who was where everyone had ordered coffee’s so we ended up with 6 riders at each cafe.

A bit of a muddle ensued but everybody had an enjoyable ride and the 2 groups were together for a short time as the earlier group temporarily joined with the later group.

17 Jan

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 17th January 2016

A new record number of 30 riders assembled in Woodend this morning on a beautiful morning for riding including a first time rider John, with the numbers equally split between the shorter and longer rides. The 15 riders on the longer route were dispatched a few minutes ahead of the riders on the shorter route. One of our newer lady riders climbed Mt Macedon Road to Straws Lane for the first time, a great effort which was followed by the descent of Straws Lane also a first.

The riders also had the added benefit of having a favorable tail wind back to Woodend which was enjoyable after the head wind and cross head wind on portions of the ride.

The riders on the longer ride had the mandatory coffee shop in Lancefield because as Dave was riding he was being urged on by Roscoe who was heard to mention on multiple occasions to Dave about whether they were having a coffee stop. Also one of the ladies on the longer ride  had the misfortune to come off her bike in Lancefield, no names mentioned just initials (D.J) when a car pulled out from parking and abruptly turned in front of her and she was unable to unclip from the pedals in time as she braked suddenly and  took a bit of bark of her knees. All riders managed to safely return to Woodend for a further coffee stop.

After the usual chat and banter everybody proceeded home after another enjoyable ride.


14 Jan

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 14th January 2016

9 riders assembled this morning on a very cold morning which was the complete opposite to the day before. A strong cold south westerly wind blowing with the threat of rain but fortunately we only had a couple of spits of rain very early in the ride and after that the weather was just like some of our rides in the middle of winter. Most riders were not dressed for the conditions even though some riders had either arm warmers or rain jackets or both, except for the few hardy souls who were dressed for a warm summer day.

We rode a 39km route along Cheveley Road to Carlshrue Central Road then back to Chanters Lane and returned to Woodend along Ashbourne Road. The wind made things difficult riding along Chanters Lane as we were riding directly into the wind at that stage but as we turned into Ashbourne Road we started to have a tail wind which made the ride back into Woodend a much more pleasant ride.

The coffee stop was a welcome relief but as the shop was fairly crowded and we were seated outside we did not stay for a very long time.  However everybody enjoyed the ride particularly as the temperature was a lot better than the day before.

10 Jan

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 10th january 2016

26 riders assembled in Gisborne this morning in cool conditions with some riders wearing arm warmers for the cold. We were joined by 2 others early on in the ride making 28 riders in total for the second week in a row which equals the most number of riders on the Sunday Rides. Also a first time rider with the club ( Mark) had an enjoyable time with us and we look forward to him having many more rides.

18 riders rode the shorter route and the remaining 10 the longer ride, with conditions ideal for a morning ride with the members who had arm warmers on not taking very long before they were discarded. The riders on the short ride we back in the coffee shop in Gisborne before the morning started to heat up, but by the time the riders on the longer ride arrived at the coffee shop conditions were warming up and most of them were hot and red faced by the last portion of their ride and they shortened the route to escape the heat.

We also had the misfortune to for a lady rider to have the bike saddle come off during the ride but as fortune would have it she was in Gisborne at the time just near the coffee shop and was able to place her bike in the car to be fixed at a later date. We can blame her partner as earlier in the ride he was shaking the bike to find out where the rattle was when she was riding and everybody said he must have shaken one of the seat bolts loose.

After the mandatory coffee and something to eat everybody went their way with 7 riders covering further distances back home with 5 local distances and one each going as far as Sunbury and Woodend.



07 Jan

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 7th January 2015

A baker’s dozen (13) riders assembled for the first Thursday ride of the New Year in Woodend including a first time rider this morning and another rider who rides with us on Thursday’s when work commitments allow. There was a very strong Southerly wind blowing and overcast skies,  cool conditions with most riders wearing multiple layers and arm warmers on. To avoid having to ride back into the head wind for the finish of the ride we rode into the wind to Nursery Road, via Black Forrest Drive, Mount Macedon, Baringo, Hamilton Rd and back also along Black Forest Drive, a distance of 43.5 km’s. The wind was not a big issue during the ride as we were protected for a large portion of the time by the trees in Baringo but it was definitely nice to have the tail wind on the way back to Woodend from Ferrier Road which made for a fast return to the coffee shop.

By the time all riders were back at the coffee shop the sun was out and it was warming up. After the usual coffee or multiple coffee’s for some people we all headed home.

A very enjoyable ride was had by all.


03 Jan

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 3rd January 2016

20 riders assembled this morning on a cloudy morning with a stiff breeze blowing. The riders were joined by 3 others during the ride who were late arriving for various reasons.

14 members rode the shorter route and the remainder the longer route with one interstate visitor attending the ride and several members having there first ride for some weeks and suffering by the end of the ride. All riders on both rides had a great ride and apart from the head wind through the middle portion of the ride which most riders managed to complain about it at least made the tail wind portion back to Kyneton all the more enjoyable.

At the end of the ride it was great to sit in the shade outside the coffee shop and have a good chat about the ride and things in general.