07 Jan

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 7th January 2015

A baker’s dozen (13) riders assembled for the first Thursday ride of the New Year in Woodend including a first time rider this morning and another rider who rides with us on Thursday’s when work commitments allow. There was a very strong Southerly wind blowing and overcast skies,  cool conditions with most riders wearing multiple layers and arm warmers on. To avoid having to ride back into the head wind for the finish of the ride we rode into the wind to Nursery Road, via Black Forrest Drive, Mount Macedon, Baringo, Hamilton Rd and back also along Black Forest Drive, a distance of 43.5 km’s. The wind was not a big issue during the ride as we were protected for a large portion of the time by the trees in Baringo but it was definitely nice to have the tail wind on the way back to Woodend from Ferrier Road which made for a fast return to the coffee shop.

By the time all riders were back at the coffee shop the sun was out and it was warming up. After the usual coffee or multiple coffee’s for some people we all headed home.

A very enjoyable ride was had by all.