25 Feb

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 25th February 2016

10 riders assembled this morning under ideal conditions, overcast and cool with little wind however unfortunately both conditions changed during the ride when the cloud cover disappeared. We rode a circuit out Ashbourne Road, Carlshrue, Cobb & Co Road back to Woodend, a distance of 45km’s though some members decided they wanted a fast few Km’s with the tail wind and rode approx an extra 5km’s at a fair speed and arrived back at the cafe looking a lot worse for wear. very hot and bothered.

They rode past me and said jump on the back, “you can do it”, I managed to hang on for about 50 metres before being dropped but i was soon joined by 4 others and the 5 of us all rode back to Woodend at a more sedate pace.

A good ride was had by all and everyone enjoyed the break at the cafe out of the sun.