31 Mar

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 31st March 2016

8 riders assembled this morning on a day that was totally different to the last few Thursday mornings in Woodend for our rides. Lovely sunshine with only a slight breeze and everyone welcomed the chance to not have to wear 3 layers plus wind or rain vests except Pene who had already been out for an earlier ride and was wearing a nice high-vis pink wind vest. Also with school holidays Nick was riding as was Andrew who had down time from work.

We rode a 53k loop out to Bryces Lane, Newham, Chases Ln and back via Batters Lane. Conditions were ideal however the breeze had become a little stronger than when we started but not any where near the strength of the previous days so the ride back into Woodend was not overly taxing.

It was then nice to sit out in the sun to enjoy our coffees.


27 Mar

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 27th March 2016

21 riders assembled on a very cool & windy morning in Kyneton for today’s ride and we were joined by John H during the ride making 22 in all. 4 riders chose the longer ride and the remaining 18 rode the medium ride with 1 rider shortening the ride because he had ridden up from Woodend and needed to be back home early. We were also joined by a rider who was visiting his parents in Kyneton and noticed the ride details on facebook.

Conditions on the ride were good until we turned back to ride into the wind which make things difficult apart from some shelter along Cobb & Co Road but the bonus was that the run back from Russell,s Road to Kyneton was great because the wind was pushing us along at a good speed.

The coffee stop was very enjoyable as we were able to sit in the sun and out of the wind.

24 Mar

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 24th March 2016

3 riders turned up in Woodend this morning on a very dreary start of the day with low cloud, misty rain but fortunately no wind. Our club member (No names) who never rides in the rain was also one of the 3 who turned up but decided to go home to read the paper in dry surroundings.

After waiting for a few extra minutes Jennie and I went for a 47k ride out through Newham, Chases Lane and back via Cobb & Co Road and except for some slight drizzle and damp roads early in the ride, conditions were quite good and we had an enjoyable ride. We were joined by Donna and Roscoe at the coffee shop as they had wimped out of riding, but came in to Woodend to see if anyone was silly enough to ride.

20 Mar

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend 20th March 2016

24 riders were on the rides from Woodend today on a sunny day with a cool southerly breeze. An additional 2 riders, no prize for guessing who, joined the long ride near Lancefield. 12 riders enjoyed the long ride which included the seemingly non-optional extra coffee stop at Lancefield.

There were also 12 riders on the medium ride, with no one opting to do the short route. The group included a couple of new riders to the club – one of whom became separated from the group and found himself riding with the long ride group. The climb up Mount Macedon as far as Straws Lane might have come as a bit of a shock to our newer riders, but one was overheard to say that she felt a sense of achievement after completing the 4k climb. Emma took a spill whilst slowing at the top, experiencing the dreaded failure to instinctively remove one’s feet from cleats, that some say usually becomes automatic after the third fall off your bike.
We tested out the coffee for the second time at the new cafe and celebrated long standing member Lance’s birthday (the long riders followed habit and took their second coffee at the Chambers and so missed raising their cups to Lance). A couple of our newer riders – still finding their feet, (normally positioned below the ankles) – reflected that perhaps their tired limbs should have travelled the short ride after all.
Good spirits all around, and looking forward to the next ride.

18 Mar

Ride News – Thurs. 17th March

6 riders headed out north from Woodend, facing a sometimes stiff headwind. (Although it didn’t seem as strong as the Bureau predicted).  David led us down a road that a few of us looked suspiciously at, wondering what the unmade surface would do to our bikes. However, the unmade section (part of Mowbrays Road) was in good condition, quite short, and an attractive variation to our usual routes.

In addition to trying out a new section of road,  for a change we also tested ‘Milko’, a new coffee shop that has only been open for a week or so. The milk shakes were great, but the jury is still out on the coffee. The operator took pains to check out our opinion of the drinks. We were joined for coffee by Penne and Mark, riding bikes that I think would survive a direct hit from a nuclear weapon. Luke was observed as we were leaving, is recovering quickly from his broken ribs, and expects to start riding again soon.

An enjoyable 45k+ ride, held in generally good weather conditions.

13 Mar

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 13th March 2016

12 riders (members with no sense including Lawrie who never rides in the rain) assembled this morning in Gisborne under extremely foggy and wet conditions. The published rides for the day were cancelled as it was considered to dangerous to ride up Mt Macedon Road and down the Gisborne side with the wet road conditions as well as going through the Baringo Valley for the same reasons, so instead we went south via Weigall Road then back to Gisborne along Deverall Road. Unfortunately the conditions in Coungalt Road were so foggy that finding your way was difficult and riding single file with a fair distance between riders was the order of the day, then when we climbed Deverall Road it was impossible to see very far ahead which meant that you had no idea how far up the climb you had ridden until you got to the top.

After everyone assembled further up the road there was a mutiny led by Dave and others, that is everyone decided that the cafe in Gisborne was a better option that continuing to ride. By the time we arrived back in Gisborne the fog was beginning to clear a little and the rain had stopped.

After refreshments including a pizza that Roscoe declined to share with his fellow riders  Dave decided he was going to catch the train back home so Jennie and I accompanied him to the train station just to make sure he caught the train and didn’t end up in the cafe at the station, then Jennie and I continued on into Baringo where I rode the complete loop back to Gisborne in glorious sunshine. Marvelous what a difference an hour in the cafe makes to the weather.

10 Mar

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 10th march 2016

2 brave riders turned up this morning under fog and misty rain, “where are all the fair weather wimps” who did not arrive. The only brave souls were Donna and myself and after some discussion under shelter and waiting for others to show their faces we decided to have a ride. For all those who missed out we had a great ride and except for the some light misty rain at the start in the first few km’s we rode into dry roads and clear skies with some nice sunshine as often happens when we ride in a northerly direction away from Woodend. Then the problem became whether to take off rain jackets or not, Donna decided to remove the sleeves on her rain jacket and I decided to leave mine on and got very hot and sweaty under the jacket.

We rode a 47km loop out to Newham via Boundary Rd, Chases Lane, Batters Lane back to Woodend and we had no further rain (wimps take note).

We then had an enjoyable coffee together before heading for home.

06 Mar

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 6th March 2016

20 riders assembled this morning in Kyneton including 5 riders that were riding with the club for first time. A good roll up of numbers considering that the Women’s Ride to the Rock was also being held this morning with quite a few members participating in that event.

6 riders rode the short circuit, 5 the medium circuit and 9 rode the longer circuit. All riders were back in Kyneton before the heat started to build up. It was also good to see Luke coming in for a coffee. We also had the misfortune on the medium ride today to have another mishap with one member ending up with a sore and swollen wrist, however no further reports have been received at this time as to the severity of the injury pending an xray .

All members need to be mindful that for the safety of all road users if you suddenly change direction or If you’re slowing, stopping, diverging, see a pothole or other road impediment, become aware of cars behind or in front, that it is highly desirable you should get into the habit of yelling out an alert before it reaches the stage of potentially being an issue to fellow riders.

As I was on the longer ride today members who had ridden the other options had left the cafe by the time our group got back but by all reports all riders enjoyed their rides.

03 Mar

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 3rd March 2016

7 riders assembled this morning in Woodend under the typical conditions of the past few weeks, cold southerly breeze blowing with the ever present threat of rain which did eventuate for about maybe 5 minutes near the finish of the ride.

After much discussion we rode a 45km circuit down to Gisborne and back through Baringo with 4 riders wimping out of climbing up Nursery Road (self included) who instead went to McBean Ave and back up Black Forest Drive where they arrived at the corner of Nursery Road at the same time as the riders who climbed up the hill.

Then the rain started as we were on the downhill section heading back to Woodend but it cleared before we reached Ashbourne road. Just enough to get damp but nothing more, but it was good to see some rain if only for a short time.

Then it was into the cafe for a coffee and a chat before heading home.