28 Apr

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 28th April 2016

8 riders assembled this morning under grey skies with a strong North Wind blowing for today’s ride. We elected to ride a circuit of 56kms along Boundary Rd to Newham via Bryce’s Lane, Chases Lane and back along Cheveley Rd. Russell Rd. As we had a tail wind or cross tail wind for most of the ride the pace was fairly high and an enjoyable ride was had by all. We managed to dodge any rain apart from a few spits just as we turned onto 3 Chain Rd at Newham but fortunately nothing eventuated, which was just as well as most if not all of the riders did not have any rain gear in there jersey pockets.

A welcome coffee break was had by all after the ride which was then followed by some members checking out a circuit on grass that could be ridden on road bikes. The instigator must have a cyclo cross fetish but no names will be mentioned.

24 Apr

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 24th April 2016

13 riders assembled in Gisborne this morning on a perfect day for riding, full sunshine with virtually no wind. It was also good to see John M back riding after his accident, plus also Lawrie was riding for the first time for 3 weeks and good to see him back with us.

3 riders rode the short ride, 6 rode the medium ride and the remaining 4 rode the longer circuit. Due to the easy weather conditions all rides were conducted at a good pace and the earlier riders were still at the cafe when the riders on the longer ride got back. The usual banter and discussions were held before all members departed for home. Dave and John were riding home and tackled Mt Gisborne for the second time today and were joined by Ken who rode the short ride but over Mt Gisborne. Who said that cyclists were not gluttons for punishment.

An enjoyable morning was had by all.

21 Apr

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 21st April 2016

4 riders assembled this morning on a cloudy but quite warm morning with the threat of rain, but apart from a few spits of rain part way around the ride there was no rain to contend with.

We rode a 56km loop via Newham, Carlshrue, Central Rd and back along Ashbourne Rd to enable us to have a tail wind for the latter part of the ride. Ride conditions were excellent for the complete ride and the ride was completed at a brisk pace especially with the tail wind back to Woodend.

After a well earned coffee break we all departed for home.

19 Apr

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 17th April 2016

17 riders assembled this morning in Kyneton under clear skies but with a very strong southerly wind blowing which unfortunately made today’s ride difficult because it meant that the return ride to Kyneton was into a very strong headwind and all ride distances had to deal with the wind, some for a longer time than others.

3 riders rode the short ride, 3 rode the medium ride, 6 rode the long ride and the remaining 5 rode the 100k challenge which obviously had the longest distance into the head wind on the way back. The last contact I had with those riders they were at Elphinstone and on the way back after a mandatory coffee stop at Harcourt, Dave, John and Mark were in the group so you could not expect anything else.

All rides were conducted at a very fast pace out to Elphinstone and beyond as to that point there was a strong tailwind but things soon slowed down considerably when all groups turned to head back to Kyneton.

At least when the riders arrived back in Kyneton at the cafe, it was a welcome relief to be able to sit in the sun out of the wind after the tough slog back to Kyneton. After a good rest and some refreshment everyone headed for home.

19 Apr

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 14th April 2016

9 riders assembled this morning on a perfect day for riding, warm sunny skies, little wind and no threat of rain. happy days.
We rode a 50k circuit up to Kyneton, Batters Lane and returned via Chases Lane, Newham, Anderson Road except for 2 members who decided to ride up Straws Lane, however all riders got back to the cafe at the exact same time. The wind was starting to gain a bit of strength by the mid point of the ride but as fortune would have it by that time it was a nice tail wind back to Woodend.This made for a good easy ride for a change. No strong head winds in either direction.
It was also nice to sit outside the cafe in the sun and not be freezing cold.
A good ride was had by all.

10 Apr

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 10th April 2016

23 riders assembled in Woodend this morning under sunny skies which soon deteriorated to a more normal Woodend day, Cloudy and windy. 5 riders rode the short ride, 10 riders the medium ride and the remaining 8 rode the longer ride. Riders on the longer ride were joined by 3 late comers, no guesses as to whom 2 of the normal culprits were. A total of 26 riders including 1 new rider with the club which is another good number as some members were riding the Mount Macedon Challenge. Definitely eager for a mountain to climb.

Everyone apart from the riders on the short ride all were back together at the coffee shop and the photo below shows most of them enjoying their coffee’s outside the cafe. It was also good to see John M coming up for a coffee with us and looking very healthy, he expects to be back riding within a couple of weeks subject to doctor’s approval, which is great news. Some of the members also climbed the mount either before or after the club ride, so we have a dedicated group of people seeking additional punishment, however what you survive only makes you better. So they say.

After the break and good time everybody then departed for home.


07 Apr

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 7th April 2016

6 riders assembled this morning under cool conditions with clear skies and sunshine , a most unusual occurrence for Woodend of late but very welcome.Soon after the start of the ride David R had the misfortune to have a broken spoke on one of his wheels and his bike was not able to be ridden due to the buckle in the wheel and he had to return to Woodend. The spoke has since been fixed and he is now ready to roll again.

It was also good to see Luke riding with us again after his recent misfortune and even though not 100% recovered he was still able to ride at his normal fast speed. The remaining 5 riders then rode a 57km loop out to Carlshrue, Lancefield, Newham and back. Apart from the wind it was great to ride in the sunshine especially after the rain of the previous day.

An enjoyable ride was had by all and the coffee at the finish was very welcome.

06 Apr

Tallarook to Yea Trail Ride – Sunday – 3d April 2016

8 riders took part in the Tallarook to Yea and Cheviot tunnel trail ride in perfect conditions. One rider, whose name we won’t mention but is otherwise known as ‘el presidente’, bit off more than he could chew, and quietly begged a lift back to his car from Trawool to Tallarook. Lance had already shortened his ride to the same distance – a measly 78k, but can be forgiven due to coming off his bike early in the ride. (See photos. The first photo can be considered the ‘before’ treatment photo, and the second photo ‘after’ the treatment of Lance’s leg) John was talked into reducing his ride distance to avoid travelling back to Tallarook on his own. The remaining riders rode a leisurely 67k. Enjoyable lunch, great company and good spirits all around (notwithstanding Lance’s injury)

03 Apr

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 3rd April 2016

12 riders assembled in Gisborne this morning in sunny conditions but that soon changed to overcast and cool with a south easterly wind. Normal riding conditions as of late. Unfortunately Pene had a puncture on the ride to Gisborne from home and after replacing the tube she then had a second puncture so she called for the sag wagon and did not ride with us. It must have been the day for punctures because John M also had one on the way up Waterfalls road which was replaced and he completed the ride without any further problems.

5 riders rode the long ride and the remaining 7 the medium ride with 2 members on the medium ride stopping at the Trading Post on the way down from Governors Road. (No names but one member has tatt’s)  The remaining 5 varied the ride details so as not to have to ride into Gisborne on market day but still rode the same distance as the scheduled ride. Riders on the long ride also met up with John McB and rode part of the way with him plus Alan T was at the cafe. Everyone were then back to the cafe together except the escapees at the trading post and they enjoyed a coffee break before heading home.