10 Apr

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 10th April 2016

23 riders assembled in Woodend this morning under sunny skies which soon deteriorated to a more normal Woodend day, Cloudy and windy. 5 riders rode the short ride, 10 riders the medium ride and the remaining 8 rode the longer ride. Riders on the longer ride were joined by 3 late comers, no guesses as to whom 2 of the normal culprits were. A total of 26 riders including 1 new rider with the club which is another good number as some members were riding the Mount Macedon Challenge. Definitely eager for a mountain to climb.

Everyone apart from the riders on the short ride all were back together at the coffee shop and the photo below shows most of them enjoying their coffee’s outside the cafe. It was also good to see John M coming up for a coffee with us and looking very healthy, he expects to be back riding within a couple of weeks subject to doctor’s approval, which is great news. Some of the members also climbed the mount either before or after the club ride, so we have a dedicated group of people seeking additional punishment, however what you survive only makes you better. So they say.

After the break and good time everybody then departed for home.