29 May

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 29th May 2016

20 riders prepared to tackle the conditions from Kyneton this morning, very cold with some sunshine and a light breeze. We were joined by one other part way during the ride.

2 members rode the short circuit, 12 the medium circuit and the remaining 7 the longer circuit with 5 of them having ridden up from Woodend making their ride in excess of 100km. It was also good to see Christine back riding with us again plus 3 of our riders who compete in Veterans races were all placed in events yesterday. Congratulations and a good effort from the three of them.

Apart from the cold conditions all the rides were conducted at a good riding pace but unfortunately those members who were riding with either short fingered gloves or shoes without booties were soon complaining that the feet or hands were freezing. I suspect orders with be placed for the items needed for the cold conditions.

The time spent at the cafe was a little limited as we were all outside and after everyone had their mandatory drinks we soon departed for warmer conditions. A good ride was had by all.



26 May

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 26th May 2016

One rider turned up for this mornings ride, namely me, all the fair weather wimps were missing so I had a nice ride with my friends. I rode a 49k loop up to Kyneton and back via Newham on mainly dry roads and for all those not riding, apart from the mist early which meant I had to keep wiping my glasses clean so I could see where I was riding, the conditions were cold but good for a ride and the sun was attempting to poke through the clouds between Carlshrue and Anderson Road and I rode into a light drizzle on the way back to Woodend along Old Lancefield Road.

I then retired to the cafe for a sit in front of the heater to warm up but I was completely dry. After a warming coffee I then proceeded home.

22 May

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 22nd May 2016

26 riders assembled in Woodend this morning, an excellent turn out considering the very windy conditions with cloudy skies. Fortunately the cloud lifted during the ride and with the sun out conditions were much improved.

12 riders rode the longer circuit, 8 riders rode the medium circuit and the remaining 6 riders rode the shorter circuit. We had 6 riders having either their first ride with the club or having a ride when they have not ridden with us for some time.  The conditions on the rides were good except for the section along either Dons Road or Cobb & Co road where the ride directly into the very strong head wind. All other sections of the rides were either with a tail wind or a cross tail wind and all rides were managed at a good pace.

The cafe at the finish was then most welcome for the riders on the medium ride except for some members (2) who wanted to sit inside the cafe out of the wind but they relented and joined those out in the fresh air. After having a good chat everyone departed for home except for two members who waited for the riders on the long ride to return. Everyone agreed that the ride was a good one even with the strong wind.


19 May

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 19th May 2016

3 riders were ready to tackle the conditions this morning in Woodend, low cloud and cool. we rode a 40k loop out through Newham, Carlshrue and back via Cobb & Co Road. As we approached Carlshrue the weather started to change with us riding into some misty light rain which got progressively heavier as we got back toward Woodend and the roads started to get damp enough to get some slight spray coming up from the road,. As we had a tail wind by this time the ride back to Woodend was enjoyable and all were reasonably dry when we arrived back.

The cafe was very welcoming and warm so a quick stand in front of the heater sorted out any damp or cold issues and after the mandatory drink and a chat we departed for home.

15 May

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 15th May 2016

A beautiful morning for a ride this morning and all the fair weather club riders appeared from nowhere and I promised I would not single anyone in particular, not an easy promise to keep.

A total of 25 riders tackled the elements with 2 riders riding the short ride, 7 the medium ride including a rider who just happened to pull up in the car park with his bike as we were about to leave and we invited him to join us. The remaining 11 riders started from Gisborne on the longer ride and were joined by 5 members who were riding in from Woodend which then made 16 riders on the longer ride. All riders were back together later at the cafe. We also had 1 new member riding with us for the first time and Julie having a ride with us after being missing for some months due to family commitments.

A good ride was had by all and with the tail wind on the way back and not a lot of traffic on Mount Macedon Road the descent from the top of the mount was an enjoyable ride.

After refreshments everybody then departed for home with some riders riding home to either Woodend, Sunbury, or the outskirts of Gisborne.

12 May

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 12th May 2016

3 riders attended for this mornings ride after leaving their homes in sunny conditions to arrive at Woodend with the weather the usual for this time of the year. Cloudy, Overcast with misty rain, a wonderful morning for a ride.

We rode a 40k loop out to and down Bryces Lane, Newham, Carlshrue and back to Woodend. Most of the ride was conducted in dry conditions except for a few minutes near Chases Lane where we all put on our rain jackets which fortunately were only required for a couple of minutes and by the time we turned to head back to Woodend any rain had stopped and a good ride back with the tail wind was appreciated.

Considering the conditions at the start when we left Woodend with the potential for things to get worse the ride was enjoyable and dry.

The warmth of the cafe was then most appreciated.

08 May

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 8th May 2016

6 riders (Fools) assembled for this mornings ride in wet conditions, yet everyone had checked the radar beforehand which showed clear skies over Kyneton. Never trust computers. All riders donned their rain gear and proceeded to tackle the elements. The ride numbers was split equally with 2 riders riding each of the various distances. Conditions were OK on the ride apart from puddles of standing water on the roads but at least when all riders got to the turnaround point the wind then became a tail wind for the ride back home and the rain at our backs.

For the riders who adjourned to the cafe after the ride the warmth inside plus hot coffee’s was very much appreciated, after warming up with hot drinks and drying off a bit we braved the elements once more for the drive home.

05 May

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 5th May 2016

4 riders braved the windy conditions for this mornings ride. We rode a 44k circuit out to Carlshrue into the north wind so we would have a tail wind for the finish of the ride and returned via Central Road, Chanters lane, Ashbourne Road

A good ride was had by the 4 of us especially once we started on the return with the tail wind assisting all the way back to Woodend.

The warmth of the cafe was then very welcome and after everybody had their drinks we all departed for home.

01 May

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 1st May 2016

6 riders braved the conditions this morning, very cold with extremely strong winds and the ever present threat of rain. One of our lady members car was spotted at the coffee shop with bike on board but obviously decided not to ride. Names will not be mentioned. We also had a first time rider Ben with the club so he had a baptism under fire with the conditions.

Due to the hazardous conditions, strong winds, wet roads, trees down across the road in many places plus debris washed onto roads as well I changed the published route to a safer circuit away from the trees. We rode a 52k circuit up to Kyneton into the head wind to Batters Lane, Chases Lane, Dons Road, and back along Boundary Road. Once we turned into Pipers Creek road we basically had the wind at our backs for the remainder of the ride. We had a light sprinkle of rain for only a few minutes and a good portion of the ride was in sunshine. We managed to wear Ben out on the ride but seeing as he had not been on the bike for some time he coped well with the conditions.

The break at the cafe at the finish of the ride was very welcome, warm and out of the wind. Unfortunately after the coffee stop 4 riders had to ride various distances in Woodend back home but as they had survived the conditions earlier I am sure they managed to cope well.