10 Jul

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 10th July 2016

15 Riders assembled in Kyneton this morning on a cold, windy and very foggy morning for today’s ride. 3 riders who had time commitments rode the shorter ride and the remaining 12 rode to the top of Metcalfe Hill before making any decision as to go further or not. Whilst the road conditions were mainly dry and no rain was present the further North of Kyneton we rode the thicker the fog got, (seeing eye dog territory) and it was a case of having to wipe your glasses to be able to see where you were going if you wearing any. As the rain was also forecast to arrive at or before lunch time 4 riders rode into Metcalfe to the bottom of the hill and then returned to rejoin the medium ride. No riders wanted to be out on the road if it rained and therefore no members rode the full longer ride distance.

Once we turned around and headed back the wind then became a very nice tail wind and a good ride was had back to Kyneton. I then managed to muck up the coffee stop as when we arrived back at our cars it was suggested we frequent a different cafe so 5 members went over the road from our normal stop but the remainder who had rode back to their cars near the cafe went into the normal stop so we ended up with 5 at one cafe and 7 at the other. Good idea that didn’t quite work out in practice.

Also one of our lady members ( rides a nice new bike) had her first Trial Race with Central Veterans yesterday and acquitted herself very well according to the Ross’s and she also had a good time, but was paying for the effort and riding a bit slower than her normal speed. A great result just the same and good to see another member trying out racing to see if she likes it.