24 Jul

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 24th July 2016

18 riders assembled this morning in Woodend on a day that most people would have stayed home warm in bed.  Who said cyclists were a mad lot. The temperature was about zero degrees and just as we started our ride there was some sleet to deal with. We had a cancellation from one of our members who noticed that she had a flat rear tyre and decided not to ride. There was a suggestion that the tyre was deliberately let down so as to avoid the ride. (Kidding)

We were also joined by John Mcb on the ride so we ended up with 18 members riding. 5 rode the longer route and the remaining 11 the medium route. The ride conditions improved during the ride and sunshine started to appear for a short while. The first portion of the ride was directly into the strong wind but once we reached Pipers Creek Road and started the return ride we either had a cross tail wind or a tail wind back to Woodend making the finish of the ride more enjoyable. Just as the last riders on the medium ride were putting bikes into cars in started to rain. Good judgement again or as I say mugs luck.

Once in the warmth of the cafe everybody sarted to thaw out especialy with hands wrapped around a warm drink. Some members still had to ride back home unfortunately but at least they had a tail wind for the trip.

Everybody agreed that the ride was  good one even with the conditions.