28 Aug

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 28th August 2016

25 riders assembled at the New Gisborne Railway Station this morning for today’s ride. Conditions were cool, overcast  with a light north west wind. All members rode the Medium Ride with some members varying the distance for a longer or shorter ride. It was also good to see Lance & Jim back riding as they have not ridden for some time with us. Riders were sheltered from the wind whilst in Baringo and most of the ride from there enjoyed a tail wind.

Some recent achievements of note. Pene climbed the South side of Mt Macedon this morning for the first time. Donna climbed Alton Road Friday for the first time and had a second win with the Central Vets Cycling Racing Club yesterday. Great efforts from both members.

After the ride there was the usual visit to a cafe for refreshments and a chat before heading home.


25 Aug

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 25th August 2016

8 riders assembled in Woodend this morning under clear skies for today’s ride with a Southerly wind blowing. As the members wanted an easy ride we rode out Boundary Rd, Bryces Ln, Newham and back via Carlshrue. A distance of just over 40km. The only problem during the ride was the cross head wind along 3 Chain Road and the inevitable head wind back to Woodend.

The tail wind at the start of the ride made for excellent speed early that slowed toward the finish. We also had a few spots of rain early in the ride that quickly disappeared.

Once back in the cafe everybody enjoyed the warmth inside, the refreshments and a good chat before heading homeward.


21 Aug

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 21st August 2016

Sitting in my car this morning, the weather is cold with drizzly rain thinking no one will turn up for today’s ride. Wrong again. Finally 10 riders turned up for the ride including one first timer with the club. 4 of the riders decided to head for the cafe and not ride. They had a nice warm and dry time over coffee before heading home.

4 riders rode an amended route of 40km to the top of Metcalfe Hill and back via Malmsbury, Youngs Road due to the conditions expected on the published circuit. The remaining 2 riders rode the published short ride.

On the medium ride once passed Malmsbury East Road the drizzle stopped and did not return until riders headed along Malmsbury East Road. Once turning toward Young’s Road the rest of the ride back to the velodrome was without any rain. Damp roads with puddles were the main issue on both rides.

3 of the six riders then headed for the cafe for the usual chat before heading home.

18 Aug

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 18th August 2016

6 riders prepared to tackle the conditions this morning in Woodend,  warmer with a very strong wind blowing. We rode the reverse direction to last week of ride of 44km.

We went along Ashbourne Road to Chanters Lane, Central Rd and back via Cobb & co Road and Boundary Road. The wind  in Ashbourne Road was quite strong but we were sheltered mainly by the trees. We then had a head wind out to Carlshrue Central Road and a cross tail wind or a full tail wind all the way back to Woodend.The ride back to Woodend was fast due to the strength of the wind.

Upon arrival  back in Woodend we all headed to the cafe for some refreshments and a chat before heading homeward. A good ride was had by all even with the wind.


14 Aug

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 14th August 2016

27 riders prepared to tackle the conditions for this morning’s ride from Woodend. We had ideal weather for the ride with sunshine, light winds early and drying roads. Unusual from Woodend of late. 8 riders rode the longer ride, 13 the medium and the remaining 6 the shorter distance. We also had 4 first time riders with us today. All rides had the same issue with a strengthening wind from the north west during the ride making things difficult heading towards Carlshrue. The good thing was that when we started to head along Cheveley Road back to Woodend the wind then became a tail wind.

Most riders rode the published routes apart from one member who rode the longer ride but diverted around the climb and 2 others on the medium ride who rode the climb but shortened the ride due to a hard ride/race the day before.

Once back at Woodend the riders on the medium ride then headed for the warmth of the cafe. A lengthy discussion about Strava Personal Best times over the mandatory  refreshments then ensued. Multiple P.B’s were recorded by various members. The riders on the longer ride were just arriving back as the earlier members were dispersing.

After some more discussion everyone departed for home. Hopefully now that the weather is improving we will continue to have many more days of better weather.


11 Aug

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 11th August 2016

7 riders arrived in Woodend this morning to tackle the conditions. Very cold with low cloud and the wind starting to rise. We rode a 45k loop out to Carlshrue via Anderson Road and back along Central Road and Ashbourne Road. As we rode out of Woodend the sun began to shine and riding improved except for the fact we were now riding into a head wind until we reached Central Road before starting to get the tail wind. Once in Ashbourne Road the wind had then became a direct tail wind all the way back to Woodend. Very nice.

It was a still cold and damp in Ashbourne Road because we were under the trees for most of the way.

We arrived back in Woodend much warmer than when we started after an excellent ride and headed to the cafe for refreshments. After the usual chit chat everybody headed home.

07 Aug

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Romsey – 7th August 2016

15 riders assembled this morning in Romsey for today’s ride in good conditions with sunshine and little wind. The Club President plus locals were the only ones who managed to drive into the parking area from the correct direction. Who said cyclists can follow directions.

5 riders rode the longer route, 8 the medium and two late comers rode a modified route and eventually joined up with the other riders. Who is always late at this time because he has to feed horses. After good rides by each group we all assembled at the cafe for a social chit chat before heading home. The cafe had a big outside round table in the sun which was large enough to accommodate all members.

One rider then had to ride back to Woodend making his ride in excess of 100km for the morning. A good morning was had by all riders especially those who don’t normally ride from Romsey.

04 Aug

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 4th August 2016

9 riders assembled on a very cold morning with a strong southerly wind  for today’s ride. We rode a 45 km circuit to Gisborne and return via Baringo for the tail wind on the way back. Two of our riders were late starting and rode the route in reverse with a minor variation. Donna achieved a first by climbing the Gisborne side of Mt Macedon for the first time. A great effort as it not an easy climb.

During the ride the sun managed to shine for most of the time with the roads drying except in the trees. When we started to ride back from Gisborne we had the tail wind to Woodend for an easier ride.

After the ride we were able to sit in the sun at the cafe which was very enjoyable. Following refreshments and the usual chat we departed for home much warmer than the beginning.