16 Oct

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 16th October 2016

23 riders assembled in Woodend this morning for today’s ride. Conditions were good with the wind still light at the commencement of the ride. All members welcomed the chance to ride in warmer conditions than we have had recently. We had 2 first time riders with the club this morning also.

8 riders rode the longer route and the remaining 15 riders the shorter route. On the shorter ride we had the misfortune to have a clash of wheels with 2 riders falling . One rider had some skin off on his hands and some bleeding while the other rider landed on his elbow and suffered bruising and some bleeding. Both riders were able to complete the ride and were accompanied by fellow riders to ensure all was well. By the time riders were heading back to Woodend the wind had begun to strengthen but by then it was a tail wind for all.

All riders arrived back at the cafe at the same time which put the staff there under some pressure to serve all of us plus their other customers. After the usual chatter and refreshments everyone departed for home. One rider rode back over the Mount and another rode back to Gisborne.