27 Nov

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend & Macedon – 27th November 2016

20 riders assembled for this mornings climb to Mt Macedon Cross. Conditions were sunny with a stiff Southerly wind blowing. The mountain top was shrouded in cloud with blue sky above. 10 riders climbed the mount from Woodend, 7 from Macedon and the remaining 3 rode the short ride.  Pat also rode with us for the first time for many months. All 10 riders reached the top of the climb including Sharon who achieved her second major climb over the last 2 weekends. 3 others also rode the climb for the first time  An excellent effort for those riders.

A rest at the cafe atop the mount in the warmth was enjoyed by all together with some of the members who climbed from the Gisborne side. After refreshments we tackled the descent in very cold conditions until we rode back into the sunshine.

A further cafe stop was then held in Woodend before we all headed home.


24 Nov

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 24th November 2016

9 riders assembled this morning for today’s ride. Conditions were cold with a brisk southerly wind blowing. A major change from the warmth of the last weekend. We chose a flatter ride as the bulk of the members riding today had just returned from climbing mountains in Bright. We rode one of our usual rides of 46km out via Newham, Chases Lane, Batters Lane back to Woodend.

With the tail wind out to Batters Lane the pace of the ride was reasonably fast early. That changed considerably on the way back to Woodend as for the most part we were riding into the wind.

Once back in Woodend it was nice to enjoy the company in the comforts of the warmth inside the cafe. After everybody had their drinks we all departed for home.

21 Nov

Ride News

Bright Trip – 17th November to 20th November 2016

Day 1.

After settling in at the Caravan Park 17 riders headed out for a ride. Riders rode from Bright to the end of the bitumen on Buckland Valley Road and back to get legs working after the long drive to Bright. After the ride we enjoyed pizza’s in the park.

Day 2.

17 riders tackled the climb up Mt Buffalo from Bright. All riders successfully completed the climb. 7 riders rode the climb for the first time including Sharon which was a fabulous effort for those riders. The remaining riders rode from Myrtleford to Lake Buffalo.

Day 3.

As day 3 included various options most riders rode Myrtleford to Beechworth via Stanley which included a very steep climb. Some rode shorter versions of the ride. Luke, Mark H and Ken M proved that being silly can be a requirement for climbing big mountains as they rode from Bright and climbed Mt Hotham and return for a distance of 113km.

Day 4.

Riders chose various options for the day as some were returning home during the day. 8 riders also climbed Falls Creek from Mount Beauty with one member of the group riding to Mount Beauty from Bright over Tawonga Gap.

Many riders set personal goals that they did not think they could achieve, as one member said to me that if I had said 12 months earlier when he started riding with the club that he would be climbing Mt Buffalo and Falls Creek he would have said we were crazy.

All in all another very successful trip that was enjoyed by the entire group that went for the varying days that commitments allowed.



13 Nov

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 13th November 2016

6 riders arrived in Kyneton this morning for today’s ride. Conditions were poor for riding.  Heavy rain plus a strong north westerly wind. 2 members immediately decided to go to the cafe with one saying, “you must be crazy riding today”.

The remaining 4 hardy souls headed off.  2 riders rode the long ride and 2 the medium ride. The rain continued for all of the ride with the main problem being the amount of standing water on the roads. Puddles and road spray being the issue. Once riders began the return to Kyneton conditions were slightly better as the wind became a tail wind.

Riders on the medium ride then headed home to dry out and did not bother with a stop at the cafe.


10 Nov

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 10th November 2016

6 riders tackled the conditions in Woodend this morning. The day was overcast with a southerly wind blowing. We rode a 58km loop out Boundary Rd, Batters Ln, Chases Ln and back via Newham, Bryces Ln. The start of the ride to Kyneton was with a very fast pace due to the tail wind. The ride slowed down when we turned to come back to Woodend and into the exposed open country and the inevitable head wind. The ride pace was still good even though the head wind slowed us down. The portions where we had some shelter made the return ride back bearable.

Once safely in the warmth of the cafe everyone enjoyed a warming drink before heading home tired but happy.


06 Nov

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 6th November 2016

23 riders assembled this morning for today’s ride. Conditions were cool with a strong south west wind blowing. Conditions improved during the ride and by the finish were much warmer and more enjoyable with the latter part of the ride having a tail wind. We also had a first time rider with the club this morning Allison who rode the longer ride.

10 riders rode the medium ride including 2 riders riding a tandem, the remaining 13 the longer ride split into 2 groups with 8 and 4 riders. One rider was ill during the ride and had to return to Woodend hence the difference in numbers. The early part of the ride was difficult riding along Ashbourne Road directly into the wind and on the longer ride all the way to Trentham. Once past those points everyone enjoyed either a tail wind or a cross tail wind for the remainder of the ride.

Back at the cafe it was nice being able to sit in the sun, be warm and have a good chat before heading home. Our sick rider also returned to the cafe and joined us before we all headed home.

03 Nov

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 3rd November 2016

8 riders assembled for today’s ride from Woodend. Conditions were fine, sunny with a light breeze. We rode a 40km loop up Mt Macedon Road to Straws Lane, Bryces Lane, Newham to Carlshrue and back. Conditions on the ride were the best for many months. All riders enjoyed the sun and being able to wear lighter clothing and not freeze. After the ride John M, Luke and myself rode an extra 20km up Mt Macedon Road to Cameron Drive and back for some extra hill climbing practice.

An enjoyable time sitting in the sun at the cafe followed the ride. All riders then headed home.