26 Feb

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 26th February 2017

19 riders arrived in Kyneton this morning for today’s ride. Conditions were ideal for riding with little wind, a warm morning and clear skies.

5 riders rode the short ride, 3 the medium ride and the remaining 11 riders rode the long ride. We also welcomed back again one of our members who had not ridden with us for some time , 1 new member having his first Sunday ride with the club and 2 prospective new members riding with us. Most of them rode the short ride and all had an enjoyable easy 20km ride with not a lot of climbing.

Following the ride members enjoyed the usual chat and refreshments at the cafe before departing for home.

23 Feb

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 23rd February 2017

8 riders arrived in Woodend for this mornings ride. Conditions were ideal with the sun shining, warm and little wind. We rode one of our usual routes of 52km out to Bryces Lane, Newham, Chases Ln and back to Woodend. The wind began to pick up a little when we got into the open country. 2 riders cut short the ride due to time commitments by not going into Chases Lane and rode a distance of 43km.

Back at the cafe after the ride we enjoyed the usual discussions and banter before heading home.

19 Feb

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 19th February 2017

17 riders assembled this morning for today’s ride. The weather was very cold with a strong North Westerly wind blowing. There were multiple banter about having to ride from Lancefield back into the head wind. The response was bad luck, toughen up.

8 riders rode the longer ride with the remaining 9 the medium ride. We also had Simon, a new member riding with us for the first time. During the climb up Mt Macedon Road Jennie began to feel unwell and rode back with Brett accompanying her to make sure she was OK. The remaining 7 riders completed the medium ride. All rides was enjoyed plus both groups  had a tail wind back to Woodend.

All riders were back together at the cafe in Woodend and enjoyed the usual chatter before departing for home. We were also joined by Ross O at the cafe back from his OS trip. As the weather then began to rain and become colder everybody decided to head home.

17 Feb

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 16th February 2017

6 riders assembled in Woodend this morning for today’s ride. Conditions were cool with the threat of rain so rain jackets were carried just in case. We rode a 47km circuit out to Newham, Chases Lane, Batters Lane and back.

The  circuit was ridden at a fast pace because of the lack of any strong breeze.

Following the ride all members were glad to be back at the cafe for refreshments and to be able to sit outside under the shade while having the usual chat before heading home.



12 Feb

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 12th February 2017

15 riders arrived in Gisborne for this morning’s ride. Conditions were cool with misty rain. Members retired to the cafe in the hope that the weather would improve for a 9.00am start. By 9.00am conditions had improved with the rain having stopped. 3 riders rode the short ride, and the remaining 11 rode an amended  version of the medium ride with an additional 5km added to the ride. One rider decided not to ride.

Apart from one portion of the route the ride was rain free.  Back at the cafe following the ride everyone agreed that it was a good ride with plenty of banter regarding varying the  ride details. After refreshments we all departed for home.

09 Feb

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 9th February 2017

3 riders arrived in Woodend this morning for today’s ride. Conditions were warming up with a strong North Wind blowing. We rode a fast 40k loop out via Newham, Carlshrue and back along Cobb & Co road. On the ride out we did not really notice the heat until we turned at Carlshrue to head back to Woodend. We had a nice tail wind back to Woodend by this time and we quickly returned to Woodend.

Once at the cafe it was nice to sit outside in the shade with the wind cooling us down. After the usual chat we departed for home.

05 Feb

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 5th February 2017

19 riders arrived in Kyneton for this morning’s ride. Conditions were cool and cloudy with little threat of rain. 2 riders rode the short circuit, 8 rode the medium and the remaining 9 rode the long. Pene had a mechanical mishap during the ride which seemed to be a broken steerer in the front forks. After phoning for a lift home, Rohan stayed with her for company,  the remaining 7 continued on the long ride.

Jason joined the medium ride after noticing our rides on Facebook and rode with us for the last half of the ride. Both the medium and long rides had a light sprinkle of rain when we were climbing Shepherds Hill and riders who stopped to put on rain jackets quickly removed them at the top of the climb. Once we headed back to Kyneton the threat of rain disappeared but the wind increased.

Back at the cafe it was the usual banter and chatter before heading home.

02 Feb

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 2nd February 2017

7 riders assembled this morning in Woodend for today’s ride. Conditions were overcast with a fairly strong South Westerly Wind blowing. We rode the same loop as the medium ride of last Sunday, 44kms out to Carlshrue and back via Central Rd, Chanters Lane, Ashbourne Rd. The ride back to Woodend along Ashbourne Road was very welcoming as we enjoyed a tail wind and fast ride back to Woodend.

As usual we all enjoyed the break at the cafe with most riders checking their ride times on Strava, followed by a refreshing drink and a good chat before heading home.