05 Feb

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 5th February 2017

19 riders arrived in Kyneton for this morning’s ride. Conditions were cool and cloudy with little threat of rain. 2 riders rode the short circuit, 8 rode the medium and the remaining 9 rode the long. Pene had a mechanical mishap during the ride which seemed to be a broken steerer in the front forks. After phoning for a lift home, Rohan stayed with her for company,  the remaining 7 continued on the long ride.

Jason joined the medium ride after noticing our rides on Facebook and rode with us for the last half of the ride. Both the medium and long rides had a light sprinkle of rain when we were climbing Shepherds Hill and riders who stopped to put on rain jackets quickly removed them at the top of the climb. Once we headed back to Kyneton the threat of rain disappeared but the wind increased.

Back at the cafe it was the usual banter and chatter before heading home.