07 Oct

Ride News

Sunday Ride – Kyneton – 7th October 2018

18 riders assembled in Kyneton this morning for the first ride of  the start to daylight savings. Weather conditions were ideal with the sun shining and a light north easterly breeze blowing. It was nice to be able to ride without all the winter clothing on for a change. Getting to hot was the issue instead of being too cold. It was also great to see one of our riders who had not ridden for some time back with us on his new E bike. Well done.

7 riders rode the medium ride and the remaining 11 rode the longer ride. Riders on the long ride split into 2 groups with the faster 4 riders in one group and 7 riders in the second group. Conditions on both rides were a light head wind out to the turning point back to Kyneton followed by a tail wind back.

Once back in Kyneton it was into the cafe for the usual refreshments and chatter before heading home.