28 Oct

Ride News

Sunday Ride – Kyneton – 28th October 2018

5 members arrived in Kyneton this morning for today’s ride. A very small number as many members were away riding in another event. Weather conditions were sunny with a cold and strong Southerly wind blowing. The first portion of the ride was directly into the wind until we reached the corner of Anderson Rd and Boundary Road and from there we had a assisting wind for the remainder of the ride.

We rode a modified version of the medium ride by adding in an extra 5km loop to Bryces Lane and back into Newham for a ride of 49km. Even with the sun out it never warmed up and most riders had portions of winter gear on. Arm and leg warmers, long fingered gloves, winter jerseys etc.

Once back at the cafe it was a bit disorganised as 2 riders rode direct to the cafe (Dave) plus 1 and the other 3 to their cars before heading to the cafe. By the time the 3 reached the cafe the other 2 had already departed. it was good to get into the warmth for refreshments and a hot drink before heading home.