10 Dec

Ride News

Sunday Ride – Gisborne – 9th December 2018

Ride report compiled by Dave as I was in Bright climbing mountains

On this misty Sunday morning 8 hardy souls arrived at New Gisborne with bikes.

One insisted on riding the long ride, and it was only with vigorous persuasion that she joined the others on the medium ride. ( Is that good, Kath?)

The conditions were mild and the atmosphere made for a very enjoyable ride.

A really strange thing happened as we rode down Baringo road towards Hamilton Road. The steering on all 8 bikes locked in centre position. Given this problem, we thought it best just to ride straight ahead to the coffee shop. The problem just disappeared after we had coffee. Amazing!

Good ride, good banter, good coffee. What more could we want. Not jealous of the Bright group at all.