16 Dec

Ride News

Sunday Ride – Kyneton – 16th December 2018

17 riders arrived in Kyneton this morning to tackle today’s conditions. The weather was cloudy with persistent rain for the entire rides. We had light rain followed by short patches of no rain again followed by more rain. This pattern continued for the entire ride.

2 riders rode the short ride, 6 rode the medium ride and the remaining 9 rode the longer ride. The longer split into 2 groups with the faster 5 riders in front followed by the other 4 riders. The longer ride also rode a modified 53km ride by eliminating the section in Chases Lane and instead riding direct to Kyneton. One rider on the longer ride also had a fall when on a turn he rode onto the white paint and slipped on the wet surface.

Once back in Kyneton it was into the cafe for refreshments or some riders went direct to the velodrome to change into dry clothes and then to the End Of Year Function which was held at the velodrome. The usual refreshments plus a feed was then enjoyed by all before we all headed home.