08 Dec

Ride News

Sunday Ride – Gisborne – 8th December 2019

16 members arrived in Gisborne this morning for today’s ride on a cool start to the morning. Once the ride commenced the weather soon began to warm up and most riders who were wearing arm warmers, Gilets etc soon began to take off the extra layers. It was very good to see Michael H. back riding after his fall some months ago and he rode the long ride with the fast group. An excellent effort.

As the first part of the ride was identical for all rides everyone commenced together. The group soon split into 2 groups with the faster 5 riders followed by the other 11 riders.

14 of the riders climbed over Mt Gisborne with the other 2 riding through the housing estate. Riders then regrouped in Coungalt Road. From there all rode back to Black Forest Drive, Ferrier Road corner with one rider heading back to Gisborne. The other 15 riders then rode the long ride with 5 climbing Waterfalls Road and 10 riding direct to Baringo. The 10 riders had only been back at the cafe for a few minutes when the other 5 arrived.

Once back at the cafe it was the usual chatter and refreshments before we all headed home