Melbourne Cup Day Ride 2018

Newstead – Maldon – Newstead Loop

Update: Due to the rain forecast in the morning on Cup Day (tomorrow) we are proposing to only do the 54 km ride. Leaving Newstead at 1 pm.

Please fill out the form below if you intend to ride with us.

The Club is planning  a Melbourne Cup Day Ride next Tuesday 6th November 2018. There are two proposed overlapping routes, one 54 km and one 81 km. Both routes circumnavigate the Cairn Curran Reservoir.

The starting point for both rides is on the Pyrenees Highway (Lyons St) in Newstead opposite the Dig Cafe. Newstead is about a 50 minute drive from Woodend via the Calder Fwy and Pyrenees Hwy through Castlemaine. Meet at 9.50 am for a 10.00 am start.

The first part of the ride to Maldon is largely in open country with few shady trees so sunblock is recommended.



Both routes are planned to have a lunch stop in Maldon (it is mainly downhill back to Newstead from there). The rides can be reduced by  about 6 km if the climb up and back to the Tarrengower Lookout (up to 10% on sealed road)  is avoided.

There is no obvious way to create an overlapping  shorter ride than the 48 km (54 km minus the 6 km up and down Mt Tarrengower) but the bulk of the ride is on pretty flat roads with the uphill bits ( 2 to 3.5 % climbs) being over the last 6 km to Maldon.


54 km Route

81 km Route

Please fill out the form below, one for each family member if you plan to join us. 

For more information contact Ken Stewart  0428 660 038

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