Kit Shop – Kit Ordering and Payment

Price and Sizing Charts

Click on the item to see the sizing chart.

Making Payment for Club  Kit

Club Kit: Choose your size and “Add to Cart” for the items you want.

Shopping Cart: Scroll to the bottom of this page to view and if necessary edit your order in the Shopping Cart.

Payment Method: Select the option you are going to use in the drop down box under Payment Method.

  • Click on the Direct Credit option to pay by direct credit from your bank account. Then click on the Proceed to Checkout button. On the next page fill out the form and click Confirm Order. You will receive an email with the Club’s bank account details for the payment you will have to make.
  • Click on the PayPal option to make an online payment via PayPal. Then click on the PayPal button.

Women's Kit

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Men's Kit

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Unisex Items

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