04 Jul

Grant and Kit

Hi All, Great news, we have just been granted $1500.00 from the MRSC Community Grants scheme to commence work on the training area at the Velodrome. The cheque is going to be presented at a function at the Kyneton Town Hall Wednesday evening 18th July. 7 -8.30pm. Come along and representing the club and have a great night of celebration.

Secondly, the club kit is ready to order. Have a look on our web site to see what is available to you. It will include jerseys only for children up to the age of about 12, so it is up to parents to determine the sizing for your child from the sizing chart. If your child is larger than what is catered for in children’s sizing then look at the smaller sizing in both men and women’s as a size there should suit.

The cutoff date for orders is going to be Tuesday 31st July. Please note that the prices quoted are for a minimum of 25 orders for knicks of both types, jerseys of all types, wind vests, arm/leg warmers and tubies are based on the item. Orders will NOT be processed until the full amount is paid. This is to minimize the difficulties of keeping track of who paid what.

A sponsor has stated that for those children who are not yet members, they will sponsor the first jersey for them when they become member of the club.  So parents, if your child is not a member sign up and a jersey will be paid for.  You will have to advise your child’s name, age, date of joining and size of jersey required