01 Jan

Greetings and salutations

Hi All,
First of all I want to wish you a very happy and enjoyable 2013. May it be all that you could wish and hope for!

Now that the new year is upon us it is time to……………RENEW MEMBERSHIP,

Attached is the club membership for with a resume of choices you can make as regarding membership.

The club has gone through a difficult year. The coming one may be as difficult but we can look forward to new things are happening for the better of the club overall.

We have to decide at the Tuesday February 5th  meeting how best we can put the Volunteers grant to best use under the guidelines for spending it. Put this date in you diary.

Another date to include in your diary for February,  is Friday 15th. We have been granted, once again, an opportunity to take part in the Kyneton Bowls Club Charity night.  It is expected that the club has at least 10 members present on the night. On the 15th March  we receive all the profit from the raffles held on our night. So tell ALL your friends, relatives and neighbours to come to support the club on the Friday 15th February.

I anticipate to recommence velodrome sessions on Tuesday 15th January @ 6pm. So Come one come all .

That’s it for now
Greg B

Meika Kloes @ the Romsey Festival