17 Oct

New membership conditions

At the last early October committee meeting, a decision was passed to widen our scope of membership to reflect what our new charter states,” If you bum is on a bike then we want you to be a member of our club.”

With this in mind, the decision was that the club will welcome members of Bicycle Network Victoria as full club members.

One of the expectations in the charter is that members purchase at least a jersey.  Although it is not specified, members are requested to purchase a “sponsored” jersey.  Of course, it would be absolutely fabulous if you purchase a full kit or whatever variation of the kit you would like to have. When you become a member and you are purchasing club kit using direct debit, you are requested to use one transaction to pay membership fees and another to pay for the kit.  This will make it SO much easier to keep track of funds and their purpose

Our club handbook and constitution will be amended in the near future.  When it is, all members will receive a copy of our amended club handbook while the constitution will be published on our website with hard copies available for committee members. It is anticipated sometime in the new year as the Vic Gov has changed the way that Incorporated clubs are to operate so we will need to see what is required before the changes are made.

That’s it look forward to riding with you on the road in our club kit.

Greg B Sec.