01 Sep

Club Meeting

Hi All,
Its time again for us to meet as a club at the RSL 7pm Percy Nuttal room for a business meeting.
You are encouraged to come and have input at the meeting.
You as members actually own the club so it would please me greatly if everyone came and had their two cents worth.(maybe it’s five cents these days)
Attached is the meeting minutes for the July meeting and the agenda for Tuesday meeting.

You are asked to print out the agenda and bring it with you to the meeting. This would save the club some brass.

Read the minutes to see what went on last time The minutes and agenda have been sent by email to club members and supporters

If you have anything else to have discussed send it to me by email and then bring it to the meeting.

Thanks heaps for your continued support

PS. Remember that next Saturday is a get together day at the Velodrome to get things done that need to be done like painting, signs fastening, fence repair, cleaning up around the velodrome and other various items. Then at about 12.30 the BYO BBQ and (fingers crossed) distributing the new club Kit. Then a ride for those who desire to go. So, bring all sorts of maintenance gear so that we can get things done. If unsure ring me 54293780