Victorian Bike Law

A bike rider’s guide to road rules in Victoria.

Whether you are a first time rider, a regular commuter or ride with your family, knowing Bike Lawthe road rules will help you avoid collisions and share the roads responsibly.

This definitive guide, produced by the Victorian Law Foundation, tells you everything you need know. To read the guide click on this link: Bike Law 0.

It includes:

  • Essential equipment
  • Road rules
  • Riding in traffic
  • Riding with children
  • Crashes, fines and insurance
  • Safety tips

For further information go to the Bike Law website. From this website you can download the Bike Law booklet or order hardcopies.

Top 10 safety tips

1        Wear the right helmet.

2        Check that your brakes, lights and bell are working.

3        Be alert.

4        Be predictable.

5        Be visible.

6        Ride at a sensible speed.

7        Use your bell.

8        Ride responsibly.

9        Don’t listen to music or use mobile phones.

10      Don’t respond to road rage.

Produced by Victorian Law Foundation in collaboration with:
VicRoads, Bicycle Network, Cycling Victoria, City of Melbourne, City of Yarra and Amy Gillett Foundation.