COVID 19 Riding Rules

The Victorian Chief Health Officer has approved all community sport and recreation activities to resume subject to certain rules.

The rules that apply to our Club Rides are:

  • We are riding outdoors and we are not competing
  • We will keep the group numbers at or below 20 – in order to help facilitate this we would ask people to know what distance ride they would like to go on, and then all longer distance riders collect at the front near the exit of our collection point, and all the medium/short distance riders further back. This will naturally separate us into two groups of less than 20 should we have more than 20 people turn up in total.
  • We will maintain reasonably possible physical distancing. Even when arriving, give yourselves a bit of space to ensure we maintain our 1.5m between individuals
  • We urge members who are feeling even slightly unwell or displaying any of the covid-19 potential symptoms to stay at home or ride separately. Whilst I’m sure we are all in the best of health, each person attending may have individuals within their close sphere who are more susceptible to CV-19 (or the flu), so please be mindful of others
  • The common practice of blowing of noses whilst on the bike is discouraged as much as possible, or should only occur at the back of the pack well clear of any following riders  – good practice for all times anyway
  • We will keep a register of names of people that turn up and ride
  • And remember, we definitely want this to remain a non-contact sport, at all times.
Coffee stops are probably best handled as takeaway at this stage so we can maintain our social distancing.
If during the rides anyone has any concerns or advice on ways we can improve our safety measures please speak to a committee member that they can bring it up before the committee.