Spring Cycling Skills Workshops

Cycling skills workshops for new or returning road cyclists.

Cycling skill workshops specifically catering for new or returning road riders no matter whether you ride a mountain bike, hybrid or road bike. In particular we encourage women who would like to learn to ride, or adults with their children. Unfortunately we cannot cater for children on their own at this stage. Run by the Macedon Ranges Cycling Club (MRCC) and supported by Cycling Victoria.

The 8 week program will run from Saturday 2 September to Saturday 21 October 2017.  Workshops start at 9.00am (arrive 8.50am to allow for 9.00 start).  Participants are also invited to join the MRCC for an introductory club ride from Woodend Sunday 29 October.

Workshops will include skill building activities, rides, information sessions and demonstrations. To encourage safe and confident cycling with friends on our local roads is the goal. We will be honing new skills and enjoying the landscape together.

People of all ages and abilities are welcome , experienced cyclists will be there to assist. We are all about encouraging cycling and having fun.


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1. Bike safety checklist

A bike in roadworthy condition. Brakes work, tyres pumped, seat the right height, chain oiled etc.
If in any doubt about your bike, we strongly recommend local bike mechanic:
Mark Horner – “Faded Ano” Ph. 0437 354 318 to have a general checkup for your bike
or visit your local bike shop.

2. Equipment checklist

  • Helmet – AS/NZS 2063 adjusted to fit.
  • Footwear, firm, flat soles with laces tucked away.
  • Clothing, close fitting, lightweight. A lightweight spray jacket if it looks like rain is possible
  • Water bottle, ideally can be used with one hand
  • A spare tyre (check with Mark or your local bike shop for the right sort of tyre.
  • Money for coffee
  • Phone, for Strava (or emergencies)
  • Snacks etc.

3. Cost – Free

The workshops are free.  However, all participants must be insured.  Cycling Victoria offer a 3 month membership which you can take out just before the workshops start to cover you for the duration. It’s pretty clunky to get there, so if you go to http://membership.cycling.org.au/ , JOIN NOW , then for State: CYCLING VICTORIA and Club search for MACEDON RANGES CC , click on ‘3 month membership’ and fill in your remaining details.

If you want to remain insured past the date of the workshop finish you can either rejoin RIDE + , or you can join RIDE + to start with to get a full year membership.

We do not require you to become a member of Macedon Ranges Cycling Club but we would love to see you riding with us so please feel free to join. We try very hard to cater to a wide range of fitness levels and hope that at the end of the Spring Cycling Skills Workshop you will be confident to join one of our three different ride groups.

4. Bicycle Maintenance Workshops

Cycling Skills – Part 1

Riding safely on local roads (Weeks 1-4)
Covers essential skills and info you’ll need to ride safely around our local roads. All rides start at the Woodend Children’s Park, Nicholson St, Woodend  unless otherwise noted.

Week 1 –  Road cycling
Sat 2nd September  9.00 am – 11.00 am
• Bike, clothing & equipment – what do you actually need?
• Short ride 15 km – 1 hour!
• Coffee – ‘The Fox in the Chamber’ Woodend.

Week 2 – We are a diverse group
Sat 9th September 9.00 am – 11.00 am
• Find your tribe. Different bikes, different gear and different reasons to cycle.
• Learn your capabilities, select your best fit; routes, speed & distance.
• 22.5 km ride – 1.5 hr
• Coffee -‘The Fox in the Chamber’ Woodend.

Week 3 – Secret language of cyclists
Sat 16th September 9.00 am – 11.00 am
• ‘Gilet, Hubbard, KOM – Breaking the code
• How to use hand gestures, safe road communication
• 22.5 km ride – 1.5 hr
• Coffee – ‘The Fox in the Chamber’ Woodend

Week 4 – Fuel on the go, pitstops & Easter eggs!
Sat 23rd September 9.00 am – 11.00 am
• Ride food and hydration
• Newham loop – 22.5 km 1.5 hr ride
• Coffee – ‘Newham General Store, Newham
• Kyneton loop – 35 km 2 hour
• Coffee – ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ Kyneton!
• Easter eggs!

Next we will be building on your skills with some new challenges and activities.

Cycling Skills – Part 2 

Road riding proficiency (Weeks 5-9)
Building confidence in your abilities.

Week 5 –  Ascent & descent
Sat 30th September   9.00 am – 11.00 am
• Gears, brakes.
• 28.2 km 1.45 hr ride including gentle ascents/descents
• Coffee – ‘The Fox in the Chamber’ Woodend

Week 6 – Hazards & accidents
Sat 7th October 9.00 am – 11.00 am
• What to do if you are involved in an accident
• How to avoid hazards
• Coffee – ‘The Fox in the Chamber’ Woodend

Week 7 – Distance challenge
Sat 14th October 9.00  am – 11.30 am
• Lets cruise!
• What is bunch riding, drafting, holding a wheel…?
• 33.3 km ride 2 hours!
• Coffee – ‘The Fox in the Chamber’ Woodend

Week 8 –  The Works
Sat 21st October  9.00 am – 11.30 am
• Combining all skills for a long ride
beginning with a mountain climb
• 40 km ride 2 hours, equivalent to MRCC medium ride
• Coffee – ‘Fox in the Chamber’ Woodend

Spring Cycling Picnic Day !

To celebrate your achievement the Macedon Range Cycling Club (MRCC) are holding a Spring Cyclist Picnic Day at Hanging Rock!

Sun 29th October 9.00  am – noon
• 12.5 km ride to Hanging Rock 45 mins (+ return)
• All MRCC members encouraged to ride with us
• Cake, coffee, pruffles and sandwiches
• Meet cyclists from the MRCC
• Meet the Femmes & Velos
• Talk bikes with Cycling Victoria

Mechanical Skills Workshops

Held after Workshops – Week 1 and Week 2 @ 12 noon in the Woodend Neighbourhood House.

• Basic road side bike mechanics
• ABC – Air in tubes
– Brakes, adjustment and pads
– Chain – oiling
• Changing a tyre.

Bicycle Mechanic – Mark Horner
Email: veloaficionado@gmail.com
Ph.  0437 354 318