27 Dec

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride 27th Dec 2015

28 riders took part in our post-Christmas ride – a club record for a Sunday ride. (At least, I think there were 28, I didn’t bring my calculator). Ken M, who usually writes the ride reports missed today’s ride, for perhaps the first time this year. I wouldn’t dare suggest that his absence was a causal factor in so many turning up. Perhaps it was more a case of a bunch who were desperately trying to remove some Christmas pudding off their waistlines. Only four of the group completed the long ride – Julie, Mark, John McB and Francis, our visitor from Canberra. Some of us did not want to face the 30k headwinds back into Woodend.
We have observed that riding skills can be in inverse proportion to map reading skills, as the group out front turned right out of Anderson’s Road instead of left. I don’t know who the black sheep was that led out, but I was one of the sheep that followed. No great harm done though, as we managed to bunch up again. A small group decided that the attractions of coffee were too great to complete the ride, and they peeled off to get the best seats in the cafe.
This was of course our last Sunday ride of the year. It was great to finish on such a good note in terms of numbers, lively spirits, and apart from a bit of wind, good conditions. The club is still growing rapidly, and we hope that the new riders stick with us. It takes time to form connections, but the enjoyment that many get from riding with the club is palpable.