14 Feb

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton 14th Feb 2016

24 club members took part in our Sunday rides this morning from Kyneton, in great weather conditions. 25 actually showed up, but our somewhat laconic leader left his shoes and helmet at home. Perhaps he just wanted an unearned coffee? A waste of getting out of bed early, if you ask me.  Apparently, these 8.30am early summer starts are a bit of a problem for some of us. There are some who think it should be a criminal offence to get out of bed before 8am!

We split up into three ‘official’ ride groups.  The long ride group were heroic today as they managed to pass through Lancefield without the controversial extra coffee stop, mainly due to our two most prominent coffee demons not being on that ride. The seven who completed the ride arrived back in Kyneton in time for conversation over a much anticipated coffee with the other riders.

We had two new riders today checking us out, one doing the shortest of the three rides with two club stalwarts as companions – the other breezed through the long ride. Eleven of us completed the middle distance ride, with only one mishap – a long standing club member who will remain unnamed, fell off her bike. I missed seeing the event, but it may have happened as her partner walked past us as we were riding along High Street. Perhaps it was a swoon related to St Valentine’s day?

Two of our rider’s bikes seemed to be floating above the road, brightly polished and newly acquired. It’s amazing how many justifications there are for getting a new bike – fitness, lifestyle, companionship etc!

Good spirits all around, lots of conversation, and the usual anticipation of our next ride. Next week, our regular ride reporter will be back from climbing the mountains to keep you up to date with the news.