30 May

Thursday Ride – Woodend – 30th May 2019

3 members braved the wintry conditions for today’s ride. The weather was windy, cold with some frost still on the ground in patches. The threat of rain was also ever present. The entire ride was completed on dry roads and no rain.

We rode a 47km modified version of the normal Thursday ride by eliminating the Bryces Lane loop as there was some light spots as we neared Collwells Road. There were also some very ominous black clouds as we were about to return to Woodend, fortunately the clouds had dispersed by the time we arrived back at Woodend. The ride back was slow and into the head wind from Batters Lane.

Back at Woodend it was into the warmth of the cafe for the usual chatter and refreshments before heading home. We were also joined by Ken S who had a prior appointment and did not ride.