14 Jul

Ride News

Sunday Ride – Gisborne – 14th July 2019

15 members assembled in Gisborne this morning on a cold, wet & windy start to the day with the temperature about 1 degree. One rider commenting we must all be insane. Riders on the long ride were joined by another member making 16 in total, who had commenced riding from home which is along the route of the ride.

3 riders rode the short ride due to the weather conditions, 5 rode the medium ride and the remaining 8 rode the long ride. The medium ride was modified by all riders again due to weather conditions with ride distances averaging between 20kms and 40kms. There was an accident on the long ride from a clash of wheels resulting in 1 member being transferred by ambulance to hospital with a suspected broken collarbone and another suffering severe bruising. The rider who joined the ride late suffered a puncture and after effecting repairs returned home. As most of the others on the long ride having ridden to the start in Gisborne they rode directly home. One rider on the long ride rode back to the cafe to report on the condition of the fallen riders.

The riders on the short and medium ride were together for the usual chatter and refreshments before heading home.