04 Jun

Help need for Roly Kelson and Velodrome upgrade work!

Help from club members is essential for the Roly Kelson Classic on 16th June at Newham Hall from about 12pm. Race starts at 1.30pm. See attached sheet for what personnel are needed to successfully run this event. The club needs you to be there to assist.  Let me know what you are prepared to do. Bring your self and whoever else is willing to come. I need to know by Wednesday 13th June so tasks can be allocated.

The time is coming very shortly when the club will need at least 6, preferably more, willing workers on a Saturday morning (hopefully 23rd June) for the pouring of the concrete for the roll on/off area at the velodrome. Once again, please let me know if you will be able come and help get the work done.  I need to know by Monday 18th June.


Greg Bland, Secretary