22 Feb

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 22nd February 2015

19 members assembled on a fine morning with a hot forecast, but fortunately the sky was overcast and the expected temperature did not eventuate during the ride. Conditions were warm but not hot with a slight northerly wind blowing.

3 riders rode the shortened version of the 44k ride, 12members rode the full 44k ride and 4 members rode the longer 56k ride including Ken who tried to chase down the fast riders. A totally useless exercise as he was never going to catch them as they had a head start after the first few climbs, but he had a good ride anyhow and still managed to get back to the coffee shop before the others had left.

A good ride was had by all and the warmer weather was just starting to heat up as members finished their coffee’s and were heading home.