08 Jun

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton- 7th June 2015

20 riders assembled on a very bleak morning for today’s ride with a very strong north wind blowing, however a great releif when we turned into Youngs Road and had the tail wind. One new member had her first ride with the club, definitely baptism under fire, good on Bern and it was good to see some riders who had not ridden for some time, namely Sharon and Colleen. Great to see so many keen riders on a average morning.

9 riders rode the longer ride and when heading towards Trentham a seeing eye dog was needed to find your way in the fog. The remaining riders road the shorter route with Ross and John doing some sprint training down one of the roads near Malmsbury and Colleen road the route bypassing Shepherds Hill Road.

Unfortunately when the riders on the longer ride arrived back at Kyneton the coffee shops were full so some riders went for a counter lunch instead.