28 Jun

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 28th June 2015

17 riders assembled in Kyneton this morning in foggy conditions, however the fog cleared early during the ride and pleasant conditions were had by all members riding. 9 riders rode the short route and the remaining 8 the longer route. Of the riders on the longer route 2 had never been out that way from Kyneton so the ride could have gone anywhere and they would not have known. However the rest of the riders knew where they were going and safely arrived back in Kyneton following the published route and had an very enjoyable ride.

On a much more serious note Lawrie was nearly doored by a car in Kyneton at the finish of the ride when riding near the Town Hall and in the bike lane. Only by luck and some good avoidance was he able to miss the door which was opened immediately in front of him without warning. Fortunately no one was riding alongside him at the time so he did not crash into someone else and cause them to fall.

Members are cautioned to treat every other person, driver on the road as idiots and to exercise extreme care when riding in bike lanes alongside parked cars. In my case I always ride on the edge or outside the lane to allow enough clearance if a door is suddenly opened and to have room to swerve to avoid an incident.

Back on a lighter note and to the purpose of the ride, the coffee was great after the ride, especially when the sun was out and shining in the cafe where we were seated.