05 Jul

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 5th July 2015

13 riders assembled in Gisborne this morning on a cold but sunny start. All but one rider went over Mt Gisborne and by the time riders had reached the end of the climb the North Westerly wind had increased in strength to what appeared gale force and everyone had to then ride back into Gisborne straight into the wind. After reaching the point where the rides altered course only 5 foolhardy riders (John M, Billiana, Keith, Jennie and Ken M) continued on to the longer route which included riding up to Nursery Road into the wind. From there riders had a tail wind for the remainder of the ride. Riders on the shorter route also had similar conditions when they were returning to Gisborne.

The coffee shops in Gisborne were overloaded due to this morning being market day so most riders did the unforgivable and opted to forgo coffee. All things considered a tough day for a ride but at least there was no rain.