02 Aug

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 2nd August 2015

12 riders assembled in Woodend this morning for today’s ride in cold, windy conditions. 5 riders rode the shorter route including a first time rider with the club. It was also very good to see Chris K riding again after his accident with a car in Riddell’s Creek recently and Brett who has been absent from riding for some time. 8 riders rode the longer route after John McB joined the group near Rochford.

Every body rode up Mt Macedon Road to Straws Lane and unfortunately Ken M (Namely me) came a cropper on the way down Straws Lane, failed to take the left hand corner half way down and ended in the ditch. Fortunately no damage done apart from a slight sore hip which I landed on and more importantly the bike was OK. Should have known better because I always warn new riders about that corner. Anyhow got back on and continued the longer ride to Lancefield where Dave & Roscoe insisted on the mandatory coffee stop. After coffee the group continued back to Woodend along 3 Chain Road straight into the wind until by general consensus we modified the route and turned into Dons Road to escape the wind for the ride back.

A second coffee was then participated in at Woodend by the group before riders headed for home.