09 Aug

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 9th August 2015

18 riders assembles this morning at the velodrome in Kyneton under cloudy conditions which unfortunately did not improve during the ride, however the wind wast fairly light and the morning warmer than we have had for some weeks.

4 riders rode the short shorter version including Loris who has not ridden for some time with us. The other 14 set off on the short and long rides and Brett unfortunately had a puncture just as we rolled out from the velodrome. Dave, John and Ross rode back to keep him company and the remaining 10 riders headed out on the ride. When the riders reached the point where the group split 2 took the short option back to Kyneton and joined with the 4 who had ridden the short shorter ride. The remaining 8 riders continued on the longer ride where they were joined by 2 of the riders from the puncture group. The remaining 2 riders missed the turn off and continued on to Baynton and then rode directly back into Kyneton. Reminder to John, never follow Dave’s directions as he sometimes get the maps wrong. Everyone else thought he must have been heading to Lancefield for an extra cup of coffee.

All riders made it back to the coffee stop in Kyneton for a bit of warmth where there was a bit of ribbing done at Dave’s expense.